Tough Mentality in Millennial and Generation Z Era

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The cover of Henry Manampiring's Filosofi Teras.
The cover of Henry Manampiring's Filosofi Teras. (Photo: Tunjung Senja Widuri)

Title: Filosofi Teras

Author: Henry Manampiring

Illustration: Levina Lesmana

Publishing Date: January 2019 (Third edition)

Number of pages: 344 pages

ISBN: 978-602-412-518-9

UNAIR NEWS – Nowadays, problem often faced by many people is a variety of negative emotions, such as anxiety, jealousy, irritability, anger, and others feelings. In fact, negative emotions can decrease our mental health. If it is neglected, it will keep someone away from happiness.

Filosofi Teras (Essential Philosophy) can be the answer to all the turmoil of today’s society. In this book, the author shares his experiences in finding essential philosophy. The essential philosophy itself is the philosophy of ancient Greco-Roman origin. It is not promising a secret to eliminate the difficulties of life, but instead offers a way to develop a stronger mental attitude. Filosofi Teras  helps readers find calm and peace in facing life’s trials.

“True happiness can only come from things we can control. Instead we cannot depend on true happiness for things we cannot control. ”

The highest achievement of this philosophy is to live free from negative emotions, live to sharpen goodness (wisdom, justice, courage, and restraint). The philosophical principle is to show universal wisdom because the essential philosophy is a school of philosophy, not a belief (not dogmatic).

“Living in harmony with nature means that we must do our best to use reasoning, common sense, ratio. Because that’s what distinguishes humans and animals “.

That quote from the book teaches readers that everything in nature is interconnected, including in the form of events in our lives. When we don’t use reasoning, humans will be vulnerable to unhappiness.

This book published by Kompas is highly recommended for all, especially for millennial and generation Z. In each chapter there is always a quote that is guaranteed to motivate readers. Interestingly, the author also included results of interviews that he did with his colleagues.

For example, Dr. Andri SpKJ FAPM who works as a psychiatrist, Salsabeela, a social media entrepreneur, Cania Citta, an editor at Geolive and Geotime. Each of them will be questioned about the relevant issues facing the community today. Then they will give an explanation regarding the question. (*)

Author: Tunjung Senja Widuri

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh


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