Three Days Crowded with Visitors, These are Comments from Booth Attendants

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One of the booths at AEE crowded with visitprs. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Being held since Friday, Feb 15, Airlangga Education Expo (AEE) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) 2019 managed to attract thousands of students, teachers, and parents to come to Airlangga Convention Center (ACC) UNAIR until Sunday, Feb 17. The excitement was also seen from the participation of the booths at the annual UNAIR event. This is a summary from UNAIR NEWS after interviewing AEE UNAIR 2019, booth attendants;

Faika, Faculty of Medicine (FK) UNAIR

“In my opinion, this event(AEE 2019, ed) is really good, especially the enthusiasm from students is also high, it is seen from crowd in the booths yesterday. From Faculty of Medicine (FK) booth itself makes them line up to 500 people per day, in my opinion it is a lot. then the most asked question was how to learn and be admitted in FK, that’s because most of the participants are high school students who are still concerned about their future, so what they ask is about SBMPTN, ” said Aika from Jakarta .

Aura Dimar, UNAIR UKM Communication Forum (FORKOM)

“This 2019 AEE is very useful for new students and teachers (high school, ed), because you know how to get tips and tricks to enter UNAIR itself. In the UKM booth, they usually ask about activities and kinds of UKM. Previously they asked if they had participated in extracurricular activities at school, could they continue here, could anyone who had participated in the national championship (be eligible, ed) join UKM ?, ” said Aura Dimar, FEB student from Kediri.

Ahmad Imam, UNAIR Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH)

“For the past three days, many have asked about how to study at FKH UNAIR, how the prospect is and what exists in FKH. To attract interest, we introduce all animal species, we also give medical treatment on animals from reptiles, mammals, to fish,” explained Aim, UNAIR student from Nganjuk.

Putri, UNAIR Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB)

“It is very lively and very useful for high school students because they can get information on tips on SNMPTN, SBMPTN and independent admission. During the implementation of the AEE, the enthusiasm was great, my friends were happy to go to FEB booth and many asked about what studying at FEB like, from admission to thesis, then at the FEB booth, we use minimalist concept so that they feel comfortable for consultation, “said Putri, FEB Ambassador from Lamongan.

Hendra, UNAIR Postgraduate School

“This expo activity looks very popular among both high school and undergraduate students who visit Postgraduate School booth. For three consecutive days, the committee made it very lively with talk shows, guest stars, as well as central information (about UNAIR, ed), plus there were also a number of games that made them stay in booths for a long time. At Postgraduate school booth there is a dart game with lottery game, “said Hendra, a master’s student in Islamic Economics from Riau.

Author: Fariz Ilham Rosyidi

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


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