Alumni Gathering, Dean of FH UNAIR: Alumni are Display of Alma mater Reputation

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Dean of FH UNAIR
Dean of FH UNAIR, Dr. Nurul Barizah, S.H., LL.M., Ph.D handed over a token of appreciation to Deputy Attorney General of Indonesia, Dr. Arminsyah, SH, M.Si. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – The existence and reputation of a university are inseparable from the role and track record of the alumni. Even though they are no longer students, alumni have considerable influence in supporting various programs and achievements of the alma mater.

As stated by Dr. Nurul Barizah, SH, LL.M., Ph.D as Dean of Faculty of Law (FH) UNAIR opening the talk show and FH UNAIR Alumni Gathering on Saturday, Feb. 16. She said that alumni do not only support material contributions but also immaterial contributions in the context of ideas in order to build links between alumni and university.

“Alumni are the display of alma mater reputation and benchmarks for curriculum development,” she said.

Alumni contribution is very important because alumni are potential for fund raising for two aspects, donation and references. Alumni donation is an important contribution for the development of educational infrastructure and support for student activities. Furthermore, alumni are reference factor in obtaining funding projects. Alumni reputation can be a reference display for donating agencies or other institutions.

Furthermore, Dr. Nurul explained, even though most higher education is funded by the government, the number of alumni engagement is one of the important aspects in assessing the rank of faculties and university by national and international survey institutions.

“If we want to make Faculty of Law highly reputable faculty at international level, we can’t help but working together to develop our beloved Faculty of Law,” said alumnus of FH UNAIR.

Therefore, she hoped that through gathering and meeting of FH commissariat members, IKA FH UNAIR can work together to improve FH UNAIR in the future.

“Links from alumni is a certainty. Let us together, work together to develop this Faculty of Law. So the existence of Faculty of Law can provide benefits to Indonesia and the world. For Indonesia, it contributes to rule of law enforcement and justice, while for the world is to create a world order that is peaceful, fair and prosperous, ” she concluded.

After the remarks, the event continued with a talk show entitled “Dominus Litis in Criminal Justice System: Opportunities and Challenges” which was attended by the Deputy Attorney General of Indonesia, Dr. Arminsyah, S.H., M.Si., and closed with the election of new Chairperson of IKA FH UNAIR .

Author: Zanna Afia Deswari

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


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