Ministry of Community Service BEM UNAIR 2018 Closes Gerbang Desa Volume IV

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Illustration by Feri Fenoria R

UNAIR NEWS – Gerakan Bangun (Gerbang) Desa Volume IV activity was held on July 2018 in Jolosutro Village followed by celebrating 2018 Eid al-Adha celebration (Islamic Day of Sacrifice) successfully slaughtered 9 goats and 1 cow for residents. The activity program finally closed in February 2019.

The closing activity was carried out on Friday February 8 until Sunday February 10. The activities began with committee and volunteers helped in teaching SD Gondang Tapen, library inauguration as well as closing the activities of Gerbang Desa Volume IV which was attended by around 50 residents and Pasar Murah Airlangga.

Muhammad Ali Ridho, Head of committee explained library was built by BEM UNAIR 2017 and continued by BEM 2018, hoping it could be fully utilized. In particular, as a learning media for children and villagers.

“We are building this library not only for reading, but also as a multipurpose room for all residents,” said the student who is familiarly called Ridho.

Before it was inaugurated, the library was used by the school. Students also read the books provided by BEM UNAIR 2018.

According to Ridho, being head of committee in Gerbang Desa Volume IV activity was an extraordinary experience. Especially when he invited students to contribute for community.

In addition, serving also reminded him to continue to be grateful. Because, behind all the establishment that he has received, both the establishment of his needs, education and public facilities that can be easily enjoyed every day, there are still a lot of people who dont have the same opportunity.

“Sharing and devoting oneself is a form of endeavor to be kind to others,” Ridho said.

The inauguration and closing of Gerbang Desa Volume IV activities series was also attended by Masrur, principal of SDN Gondang Tapen. He hopes that it will help students to be active in learning.

“Hopefully, the existence of this library can increase the learning activeness for students,” said Masrur.


Author: Galuh Mega Kurnia

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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