Preparation of UNAIR Delegation for Moot Court Competition in Washington DC

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FH UNAIR Phillip JEssup delegation
The delegates from FH UNAIR will represent Indonesia at international moot court competition in Washington DC, United States. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – The quality of UNAIR Faculty of Law (FH) delegates in moot court competition should not be doubted.  FH UNAIR always makes achievements at national and international moot court events. Recently, after achieving best two teams in national round of  Philip C. Jessup Law Moot Court Competition early February, the delegation team is making preparation to represent Indonesia in international round. The biggest moot court competition in the world will be held in Washington DC, United States from March 31 to April 6.

For this reason, the team consists of Regine Wiranata (2016), Thesalonica Shinta (2017), Megawati Widjaja (2016), Shofy Suma Nisrina (2016) and four members of observer / trainer, Jatmiko (2018), Yosua Iskandar (2018), Katrine Abidea Salim (2018), and Samuel Triston (2018) are doing various preparations. The coach of FH UNAIR delegation team, Dr. Intan Inayatun Soeparna, S.H., M. Hum said the initial preparation to be made is performance upgrade.

“The court performance will be improved to meet to the conditions expected later going against students from almost 50 countries. Then prepare the answers that are likely demanded by international judges, “explained the lecturer who had been Jessup’s coach since 2005.

She said that the key to team success is discipline, hard work, and cooperation. Moreover, she continued, they had to keep practicing vigorously during the tight schedule.

“The initial obstacle is the lack of confidence in UNAIR students. Then in the last five years we implemented an internal competition system to select students who are fit with certain criteria. In the last five years, the quality of our team has improved from aspects of language, self confident, research skills, to the determination to work hard. So for me it is easier to train students who have these criteria. The existent obstacle is that we do not have adequate research quality and funding, ” explained the woman who had completed her doctoral study in Belgium.

Intan hoped that the team she take with her can perform well and do not make substantial mistakes during competition. She also hopes that the delegation team can achieve a higher ranking than last year’s, 36th out of 130 participants.

“I believe in the quality of UNAIR team. Because they have trained since last year, and one of the participants was also from last year’s performance, after they entered the top two according to my target. So I hope they will at least enter round of 8, 4 or final, ” she continued.

Dean of FH UNAIR, Dr. Nurul Barizah, SH, LL.M., Ph.D also congratulated on this proud achievement. She hopes that FH UNAIR team can present the best performances and compete with students from almost 50 countries.

“Congratulations to FH UNAIR team and Dr. Intan as the coach who has managed to qualify for the Phillip Jessup International Moot Court Competition. Thank you for this intelligent work and extraordinary achievement to represent Indonesia at the international round in Washington DC. I believe that this team will get the best results, ” she said.

Author: Zanna Afia Deswari

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


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