Minister of Communication and Information, Rudiantara: Don’t be Pessimistic with the Progress of Technology

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UNAIR NEWS – Being a keynote speaker in public discussion of Expert Sharing, Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara invited youth to be optimistic at the rapid change of technology today. He attended the event as a series of 2019 National Press Day (HPN) commemoration events in Surabaya. Precisely held at Garuda Mukti Hall, Campus C, Universitas Airlangga, on Friday afternoon February 08.

Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara said technology development is getting faster and it is not to be seen as something threatening. However, this must be seen as an opportunity to be optimized.

“We (Indonesian people, ed) should not be pessimistic about the rapid change of technology. Just seeing it is an opportunity.” he said.

“Look at what Bukalapak and Gojek have done for society” he added.

A number of survey and prediction from several agencies predict that there are some of work field that will be gone. However, said Rudiantara, there are also several new jobs will be available.

“Precisely with that progress, we are all required to explore our ability to be one step ahead. One of them by using economic model of sharing or collaboration, “he said.

“We have seen Gojek and Bukalapak companies. Whose have that motorcycle? Whose kitchen or stall is that? They prepared a platform to accommodate small businesses. This is what ultimately moves of economy to the lower level, UKM (Small and Medium Enterprises, ed), “he added.

Even so, said Rudiantara, a number of problems related to technology still faced in Indonesia. Among other things, regarding to infrastructure and human resources (HR).

Rudiantara admit that a number of regions were still experiencing internet connection problem. However, the government through Ministry of Communication and Information continues to provide high-speed internet services for all regions of Indonesia.

“In Surabaya, internet connection is fast. However, a number of regions are still experiencing problems “he said.

Currently, the west region of Indonesia is one hundred percent connected, although not at a high speed. Including for central region of Indonesia. But for eastern region, the percentage is still at 90.41 percent.

“This integration target will be carried out in 2019. We have to improve on high-speed internet,” he said.

A number of public offices have not all been connected to the internet. Starting from community health center, Islamic boarding schools, educational institutions, village offices, sector police offices, and Koramil. The government will fulfill their target in the future.

On the other hand, internet connection must also be supported by human resource integrity. UNAIR, said Rudiantara, needs to invite students to survey how ASN (State Civil Service) works.

“There are also those who open the internet not to serve the community. The existence of internet access must also be balanced with the spirit of service and changing perspective. Don’t use it only for playing game, “he said.

In addition, to prepare human resources, Ministry of Communication and Information also launched a program of 20 thousand talents. Such as IT education program for graduates for Vocational High School, Diploma , and Bachelor of IT, precisely those under the age of 29 years.

“We need to have skills and we tried to encourage them to make start-ups, “he said.

“Thus, don’t be stagnant. There are many opportunities that can be utilized. Hopefully Indonesia will become a developed country,” he added. (*)


Author:  Feri Fenoria Rifa’i

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