Thematic KKN 59 Citarum Harum, Building TPS and Meeting with Ridwan Kamil

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Mega and other group members socialized Clean and Healthy Life Behavior (PHBS). (Private Doc.)

UNAIR NEWS – In 2019, Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) held a Thematic Field Work Course (KKN) 59 Citarum Harum. In the program, there were at least 150 UNAIR students who participated in the activity which were then divided into groups to be placed in villages in Bandung.

One of KKN participants was Megawati Nasehatul Aminati or Mega, FKM student batch 2016. In the KKN, Mega and other members of her group were placed in Sangkanhurip Village, Pamengpeuk District, Bandung Regency, from 7-25 January 2019.

During KKN, there were several activities carried out by Mega and the team such as building TPS in collaboration with UPI Bandung, community and TNI who were in there, providing socialization of hand washing and brushing teeth with Faculty of Dentistry (FKG) UNPAD in SDN 1 Ciborereng, healthy work out and PHBS socialization with mothers and sharing goodie bag with the aim to reduce plastic bags, drawing competitions and environmental-themed storytelling, as well as tutoring and recitation for children there.

Moreover, KKN group helped TNI program. Such as planting trees, working charity cleaning Citarum park, as well as socializing sorting and processing garbage. Mega and the team also conducted a book stocking program, donating books to Islamic boarding schools and reading place in Harum Citarum Park.

Kill two birds with one stone, Mega also took part in learning about culture and other interesting things in there. An example was interacting with children, Mega indirectly learned local language through interaction.

“We were also invited by children to visit cireng production place, because mostly their mother worked in there,” Mega said.

When she visited cireng production place for the first time, Mega admitted that she being welcomed by workers. In fact, they went to our KKN UNAIR team dormitory to cook seblak together.

In addition, childrens also often invite Mega and the team to play in rice fields. They also went to our place almost every night by carrying supplies and playing with us. In fact, there was an elementary school child who brought microphones and sound system to our place to sing Sundanese songs.

“We were taught Sundanese language and songs by children, and also they taught us to make seblak and cireng.” said Mega.

Mega admitted that everyone were so polite. In fact, the team got some letters and gifts from children.

In addition, doing KKN with other universities student also a memorable thing for Mega. UNAIR with UPI students built TPS and FKG UNPAD during the socialization. Moreover, the experience of working with TNI was also a memorable thing and the team got a chance to meet Ridwan Kamil at one-year evaluation event of Citarum Harum.

Mega and the team found obstacles during KKN such as water problem and they have to take a bath in mosque or residents’ houses. In addition, there were also work programs that have not been carried out like a blood donor agenda because a lot of people in there are still afraid to do it.

For the next KKN student, Mega advised that students get to know their target community first before making a work program. In addition, they need to learn cook and take care of household affairs because during KKN students are required to be independent.

“We also need to learn to increase our sensitivity, increase our interaction with children. The point is learning to push aside our ego and be independent, “Mega concluded. (*)

Author: Galuh Mega Kurnia

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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