UNAIR Participates in 2019 National Press Day Commemoration

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UNAIR NEWS – As a part of a public-owned agency, Universitas Airlangga cannot be separated from various activities conducted by other institutions and agencies. This time, as part of 2019 National Press Day commemoration, on February 9, UNAIR is participating in the celebration.

Regarding this matter, Secretary of UNAIR Center for Information and Public Relations (PIH)  Dr. Imron Mawardi, SP., M.Si., said that at 2019 HPN commemoration, UNAIR also participated in various activities. Some of these activities are the result of collaboration with several partners.

The first activity, a collaboration with TVRI East Java, is held on Thursday afternoon, Feb. 7, 2019. It will be held at Garuda Mukti Hall Campus C UNAIR and attended by hundreds of students to gather for a discussion on “The Role of Media in Developing UMKM”.

“At the same time, UNAIR Rector was also involved in a discussion for 2019 HPN commemoration at Grand Palace Hotel. The discussion is about Local Television and East Java Community Education,” he said.

Furthermore, Imron continued, HPN commemoration was also held on Friday, February 8, 2019 at Garuda Mukti Campus C UNAIR. It is in form of “Expert Sharing” which will be attended by several public figures and national press practitioners. There will be Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara and Secretary General of Ministry of Communication and Information Niken Widi Astuti.

“Furthermore, in the event which will be attended by Surabaya students, there will be Senior Journalists and ILC host, Karni Ilyas, technopreneur who is also son of President Habibie, Ilham Akbar Habibie, famous Indonesian Youtuber, Ria Ricis, and Japanese Entrepreneur from Indonesia, Mahmudi Fukumoto, “he explained.

Regarding UNAIR’s involvement in the series of events, Imron said that it is part of UNAIR’s responsibility to provide public education about the urgency of media for life in this digital era.

“We hope that UNAIR’s involvement in 2019 HPN commemoration can be a proof that as an educational institution, UNAIR is ready to work together to develop the nation together,” he concluded.

Author: Nuri Hermawan

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