Duha Ziaun Story on Joining Model United Nations Global Goals Program in Malaysia

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DUHA ZIAUN, while participating in GGMUN activities, Malaysia. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Everyone has a story, whether joys or sorrows behind their success on achieving their dreams. She doesn’t know how her story started, how many times she have to try, and how long it can last. Duha Ziun, a student from Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UNAIR shared her experience while providing tips and tricks to be selected on Global Goals Model United Nations (GGMUN) and United Nation Conference models.

Duha explained MUN or known as UN trial simulation is a simulation of education and academic competition that applies the real procedures UN session. MUN discussed 17 goals that have been planned by United Nations General Assembly in 2015. The conference was attended by 10,000 registrants from all delegations throughout the world.

“The participants came from different educational backgrounds. There were registrants who are still in high school. The experience of persistent participants should not be underestimated. Furthermore, there were many participants who tried to register themselves many times.” she said.

There were four stages that must be passed in this program, included data submission regarding to participant motivation or motto, motivation letter, insight related to council realm, and the goals and benefits about this program.

“Being honest in the process is not difficult, we need to expand our knowledge and experience,” Duha added.

The student who also participated as AIESEC volunteer, made her experience as a stepping stone towards MUN Global Goals Conference. Her knowledge and experience made her know more about the lack of education in the country.

In GGMUN, Duha revealed that her instinct in reading all of the situations and literature insight help her through this journey. According to Duha, reading could help her conquering the world. Especially, if we able to use English and has a desire to develop this country.

“English is important, we are required to speak and give our opinion. Moreover, accompanied by confidence and strong mentality, “said Duha.

Besides that, Duha also shared her tips on joining MUN. Among them, high school or college. By selecting the desired location and registering online through MUN website. After that, prepare the departure and funding documents. If you get accepted, then prepare time to do more research regarding to the represented country.

Duha advised that young generaton should care about environment, with the aim of building the next generation. Taking a role to help others is very important in building trust and opportunity.

Author: Rolista Dwi Oktavia

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia

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