A Variety of Taiwan Tourism Destination that You Need to Visit

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Twin building facing and Chang-Khai Shek Memorial Hall tourist entrance gate (photo: Hilmi Putra Pradana)

UNAIR NEWS – Visiting a country without going to tourist spot is incomplete. Moreover, experiencing Taiwan’s cool athmosphere makes tourists interested to visit this country.

Although the country is well-known for its world-class technology based, Taiwan has a variety of amazing destinations and landscapes. In addition, this country also has public transportation facilities, such as train and bus for tourists to visit other monumental places. This time, one of UNAIR News Teams will share his experiences in choosing several interesting tourist destinations that are worth to visit.

Chang-Khai Shek Memorial Hall, Taipei

Visiting monumental place is a mandatory destination for tourists in Taiwan. The place with a view of two twin buildings facing each other flanking one main building on the outside, is one of the most popular places to visit in here.

Between the two twin buildings, it has a functional room. The main building contains a statue known as Chiang-Khai Shek with strict guarding by soldiers every hour and there was also a theater venue in there.

The strategic location of this Taiwan building make it easy for visitors to reach other attractions. Located in the capital of Taiwan, give its charm to all of visitor. One of them is 2/28 Peace Park, only 10 minutes of walking from the building.

The clear view of river water surrounded by mountains in Shi-men Reservoir (photo: Hilmi Putra Pradana)

Shih-men Reservoir, Taoyuan

Shih-men Reservoir is a great place for sight seeing natural tourist destinations. Furthermore, there are maple trees along the way.

In addition, while tracing the road beside Reservoir surrounded by maple trees, we will arrive at a river with the view of mountains. In this place, tourists can buy a cup of coffee and relax with a view of the forest and lake.

Gold Museum, Jinguashi

The Gold museum is a historical museum that tells about gold mining workers in Taiwan, which was controlled by other countries. In this place, tourists will be presented with a combination of images of buildings between Taiwanese and Japanese cultures in the area as well as historical heritage items introduced to tourists.

Teapot Mountain and the Temple located on the hill are also interesting places for visitors to visit this museum. Simply by paying a ticket for 40 thousand, tourists can enjoy the history of this museum and get free tickets to certain places.

Author: Hilmi Putra Pradana

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia


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