59th KKN BV UNAIR Producing Food and Beverage from Dragon Fruit Cultivation

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UNAIR NEWS – The word of “Nonggo Mbendino” is the theme raised for 59th BV (Back to Village) KKN team at Universitas Airlangga. This theme means building kinship between KKN students and the community in establishing friendship on a daily basis.

The selection of the theme was the first step of Kedungwungu Village KKN BV team in Banyuwangi during their service on 2-27 January 2019. The BV KKN team was chaired by Mochamad Derry Saputra, a student of Faculty of Economics and Business.

In 59th KKN, there were ten students consisting of 4 men and 6 women from several faculties. Among them, Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Public Health and Faculty of Social and Political Sciences. The team collaborated in resolving problems in there.

Derry said that the atmosphere was very different from the city. Moreover, it becomes very easy to work with all of the committee in there. Our presence in there was also warm and welcomed by the community, while we visited each of their homes.

“The family atmosphere help us in finishing our work program” he said.

Based on UNAIR News’s observation, KKN 59 team has 4 fields of work consisting of several programs. First, health sector: clean and healthy living program generation (GHBS), healthy work out for elder, and free health checks. Second, economic sector: agricultural extension, innovation in processing agricultural products, and modern agricultural management and entrepreneurship. Third, education and psychology field:  parenting, maternity classes and children’s education games. Fourth, the environmental field: POKDARWIS (tourism conscious group, ed).

Using dragon as a ingredient to make food and beverages (Photo: Courtesy)

Derry expressed during that time he saw dragon fruit plants, and oranges in every house at Kedungwungu village. In addition, other uniqueness also found in elementary school students by maintaining stamina and strength in exercising. Unlike us from the city.

“We found plant pests in dragon fruit. A lot of dragon fruit has smallpox which caused the prices from 6,000 / kg to 2,000 / kg, “he said.

Furthermore, to solve this problem by giving socialization directions to the community. The socialization was in the form of processing organic chemical fertilizers from goat and chicken manure with a composition of 70% organic fertilizer and 30% non-organic. The direction of this socialization was led by Yasin as the speaker from Private Agricultural Extension Officer.

In addition, 59 KKN Team also collaborated with two Universitas Jember students in Department of Agricultural Product Technology to make dragon fruit pie and dragon fruit jelly drinks.

“It was an effort from the entrepreneurship seminar and POKDARWIS program in increasing income from other sectors besides agriculture,” he added. (*)

Author: Rolista Dwi Oktavia

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia

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