Starting from Hobby, Yashinta Suci Generates 2 Million a Month

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UNAIR NEWS – Starting a business at a young age is an interesting thing to do. Imagine when you are young and get an opportunity to get your own income.

Yashinta Suci, Faculty of Economics and Business UNAIR student who started her business get approximately 1.5 million to 2 million every month. At young age and still studying in college, of course her experience in business world will be useful in future for her to grow into a creative and independent person.

Yashinta sharpen her creativity by developing @alika_id business and used Instagram as platform for her business. Currently, she actively produce a scrapbook as her business.

“Alhamdulillah, I have run the scrapbook business, engagement dowry decorations, traditional medicine (jamu, originating from Islamic Economics KWU project), shopping entrusted goods service, and culinary stalls,” she said.

Yashinta said that @alaika_id business in scrapbook started unexpectedly. Her business started from a hobby by making craft for her high school friends. Furthermore, she made a scrapbook as a gift for her high school mate.

“Since then, I received a lot of orders from friends and over time, there were a lot of people who interested to my business. Finally, I decided to make this as a real business.” she said.

Keep in mind, her business has now been running for about 5 years with various twists of the problems. Like hit and run customer, shipping issues, customers complain, and many more.

“If you want to do business, you must be diligent and willing to learn, be patient in serving customers, and consistent,” she added.

Yashinta has applied this in the process to success by helping to solve customer problems. This problem gave her opportunity for us to emerge. For example, by making a 3D album gift.

Starting as a hobby, it finally became a passion for her. From there, it became a business. Creative business like this will never die in this disruption era.

“Start your business from your hobby. Especially in creative field that will continue to grow and its competitors are not as many as culinary business. Your chance will be bigger! “She emphasized. (*)

Author: Rolista Dwi Oktavia

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia

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