Rainy Season, Beware of Dengue Fever and Know the Preventive Measure

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Dr. Santi Martini Vice Dean I FKM
Vice Dean I FKM Universitas Airlangga Dr. Santi Martini, dr., M.Kes. (Photo: Feri Fenoria Rifa'i)

UNAIR NEWS – Dengue Fever or DBD is an infectious disease caused by dengue virus carried by mosquitoes. When the rainy season comes, people with this disease continue to increase. In East Java, cases have been found in almost all sub-districts and cities. To anticipate and reduce the risk of disease transmission, several experts have provided solutions and recommendations.

On Monday morning, Jan. 28, UNAIR NEWS had the opportunity to interview Vice Dean I Faculty of Public Health Universitas Airlangga, Dr. Santi Martini, Dr., M.Kes., about DBD. Before explaining the symptoms caused by DBD, FKM UNAIR lecturer who focused on epidemiology explained that when the rainy season comes, prevention efforts should be prioritized.

“We all know that DBD is a fever caused by the bite of Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes,” she explained.

Aedes Aegypty mosquitoes, according to her can breed in clean water puddles. During rainy season, more puddles of water increase the chance the Aedes Aegypty mosquito to breed. Therefore, said Santi, preventive efforts must be made to break the chain of mosquito breeding.

“Do 3M, bury the items that make it possible to collect water, close the tub of water tightly, and drain the bath at least once a week,” she explained.

Next, Santi explained about the symptoms of fever caused by DBD. According to Santi, fever caused by dengue will be marked by red spots on the skin. If it is already visible,  health center or hospital support is needed immediately.

“If there are symptoms, it must be addressed immediately,” she said.

In the end, Santi reiterated that as an academic, it is indeed an obligation to provide education to the community regarding various efforts to prevent dengue fever.

“I believe that efforts to prevent it are easier for us to do. And everyone can do it, ” Santi said.

Author: Nuri Hermawan


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