Student Impression after Spending One Week of Community Service Camp in Remote Area, Lamongan

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Illustration by Feri Fenoria R

UNAIR NEWS – Community Service Camp always leaves memories and impressions for anyone who were involved in it. Futhermore, the committee who dedicated themselves for seven days carrying out their duties and mandates to serve. Here are the record of student impression after attending a series of 2019 Bidikmisi Service Camp activities in Dusun Suwaluh, Lamongan.

“Camp always gives memories, experiences, and even knowledge that can be learned from every activity in there. Muhammad Topan, as the person in charge of Community Service Camp, proud to have a new family in there. Hopefully, 2019 Service Camp can be a pioneer of assisted village program which always upholds family values ​​and professionalism. Thus, it will create a sustainable and successful work program in the future, ”

  • Muhammad Topan Ramadhan, Islamic Economics batch 2017

“Camp gave a great impression in the beginning of this year. In here, I got a new family and they were friendly, polite, and respectful. In addition, I also learned how to be a caring, unselfish, and mutually reinforcing each other. ”

  • Muhammad Nur Rouf, Indonesian Literature batch 2016 (Chair of AUBMO 2018)

“Community Service Camp gave us a meaningful experience to our surrounding and hopefuly it will create a bigger impact for the community”

  • Zulfi Dyah, Sociology batch 2016 (Minister of Community Services AUBMO 2018)

“I’m proud be a part of Bidikmisi Service Camp and this was one of the effort from us to build and develop our country.”

  • Muhammad Nur Syamsi, Aquaculture batch 2015 (Minister of Community Services AUBMO 2017)

“At Community Service Camp, I’m grateful to meet a new family who has the same mission to spread kindness to others. In here, I learned that happiness can be obtained from a simple method, such as seeing a smile from people in Suwaluh.”

  • Yenny Novita Sari, Islamic Economics batch 2017

“It’s really fun, everyone were friendly. Lots of lessons that I got for a week in there. Learning how to maintain ego, be respectful to others and never give up. Be happy and devote sincerely.”

  • Meiriana Rizky Jayanti, Library and Information Science batch 2017

“At Camp I found a new family and one more reason to be grateful for the life that God has given me. I learned a lot about how to live in a house with people who have different characteristics. Keep in touch, because we are family.”

  • Vivi Ari Ani, Indonesian Literature batch 2018

“A lot of new experiences and friends that I got in one week. In addition, I am grateful for everything that I have. I’m proud to be one of 2019 Bidikmisi Service Camp families.”

  • Tri Mia Purnamasari, Administration Public batch 2018

“From Camp, I learned many things, new experiences and how to live in a community. In my opinion, this event will be a memorable experience for me. Hopefully it will work with government policy.”


Author: Zanna Afia Deswari

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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