Ormada TERAS of UNAIR Active on Activities and Exchange of Ideas

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UNAIR NEWS – TERAS (Trenggalek Student of Universitas Airlangga) is a student association from Trenggalek and studying at Universitas Airlangga. The name of TERAS was officially used as the name of regional student organization (ORMADA) from Trenggalek in 2010.

Currently, the leader of TERAS  is Rica Naudita Krisna Setioningrum, Public Health Study Program UNAIR batch 2016. The name of TERAS was chosen based on the community that accommodates students from Trenggalek and participates in supporting campus activities within in region.

Rica said the purpose of TERAS establishment as a forum to communicate and gather facilities for UNAIR students from Trenggalek. According to her, the number of TERAS members has now reached 90 students.

“Evidently, after TERAS was established, the communication between students from Trenggalek became closer,” added Rica.

Rica said that earlier there was not a place for Tranggalek student to communicate. However, with the establishment of TERAS, the sense of kinship is increasing.

“Now, our members became closer” he added.

Furthermore, TERAS also runs several programs such as community service and cultural festival held by Universitas Airlangga. Every year, continued Rica, TERAS always holds a welcoming party for students from Trenggalek who are accepted in UNAIR.

Rica said with the presence of TERAS students from Trenggalek can establish communication with their fellow region of origin, and be able to contribute more to activities held by the university. In addition, this community is also a forum for exchanging ideas and movement from their hometown according to Tridharma of Higher Education

The plan, TERAS will collaborate with other Ormada in Trenggalek to conduct competition between high school students. Not only that, this organization will also continue the community service program that was carried out in previous year.

“My hope in the future is that TERAS can be closer and hold SBMPTN try out competition for high school students in Trenggalek,” he concluded. (*)


Author: M. Najib Rahman

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia

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