Reflecting on Daily Life of Taiwanese Community

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Taiwan street
A long line to get shilin chicken at Shilin Night Market, Taiwan. (Photo: Hilmi Putra Pradana)

UNAIR NEWS – There is nothing wrong to learn about the character and nature of others and compare them with oneself. It is not done to find out who is the best or better but to take the positive side from the comparison to bring changes.

People often find motivation and enthusiasm after seeing others’ achievement. We can learn from character and nature of people from other countries, from their daily life for self-improvement. Here are some of Taiwanese habits which can be emulated in daily life.

  1. Queuing Orderly

Indonesian still have this habit. However, Taiwanese deserves more appreciation as they can stay in a long line neatly until they get their turns.

We often find a long line of people lining up from something very important to just buying delicious and famous food in Taiwan. Even though in Indonesia, people still queue, order is still need to be improved to avoid friction between queuing customers.

  1. On time for Appointment

Rubber time. It is a literal translation from jam karet that is often heard in Indonesia for late arrival time. It seems that Indonesia needs to learn a lot from Taiwan in terms of punctuality. People in Taiwan value time as if time is money.

Someone once told, one day someone arrived around 10 minutes late so that 12 other people had to wait for him. Someone who is waiting then told the person who is late by counting the time wasted by comparing it in the amount of money, how much money is wasted waiting for people who are late. Of course time is more valuable than money.

  1. Putting Away Garbage

Taiwanese people are used to separating organic and non-organic waste. In places for eating or public places there must be 2 types of bins to separate the two. There will be more types of bins in academic community area such as universities.

Another interesting thing, the truck to transport garbage sounds a specific tone along the road. The tone indicates that the garbage truck is nearby and the community can put away their garbage independently to the garbage truck. Sorting waste and disposing garbage independently needs to be imitated.

Let’s learn from others to improve ourselves.

Author: Hilmi Putra Pradana

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh


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