Diversity In Rhythm, “Tagline” from Head and Vice of BEM FIB 2019

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Moch. Sholeh Pratama and Yuliana Kristianti as Head and Vice of BEM FIB 2019. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Diversity in rhythm is the tagline used by Moch. Sholeh Pratama and Yuliana Kristianti to describe Student Executive Body (BEM) Faculty of Humanities (FIB) as an organization. Both were elected as Head and Vice of BEM FIB Universitas Airlangga in 2019.

Met by UNAIR NEWS in the past, according to Sholeh, Diversity in rhythm as their tagline was choosen based on reflection of the diversity in FIB and Indonesia. The variety can be seen from FIB student background who are active in the world of art, academics, service, sports, and spirituality.

“The diversity can be a great strength to bring FIB UNAIR more advanced, both in academic and non-academic achievements,” explained Sholeh.

Furthermore, the student from Banyuwangi said that the increasing academic and non-academic achievements must be optimized with appreciation from all FIB community.

Similar with Sholeh opinion, Yuliana also revealed that in order to create an atmosphere in accordance with Diversity In Ryhthm. Interactive communication is needed by cooperating with various diversity in FIB itself.

“Thus, student appreciation can be a motivation to continue their work in various activities both at regional, national and international stage,” he said.

In order to actualize, Sholeh and Yuliana believe that the collaboration of all FIB academics, both students, lecturers, education staff, and BEM itself is something that must be actualized.

“Because as an autonomous body, BEM is student movement organization. Thus, every element in the Unair FIB environment to work together.”said Sholeh.

“In running the ideal organization at FIB, it is necessary to synchronize movements with other organizations, whose vision and mission to build FIB to be better, and uphold the name of Faculty of Humanities, both inside and outside university (UNAIR, ed),” said Sholeh.

Author: Fariz Ilham Rosyidi

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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