Rawatungga Goes to School Guides Tuban High School Students to Continue their Studies

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UNAIR NEWS – Providing information about campus life to high school students, regional student organization (ormada) from Tuban and known as Airlangga Tuban Student Movement (RAWATUNGGA) held an annual work program, Rawatungga Goes to School. The program was held from January 2 to January 29, 2019.

  1. Baktiyar Prayoga Adihutomo as head of Rawatungga said that in addition to provide information, the activity also aims to capture and direct high school students to continue their education after they graduate from high school.

Indonesian Literature Students batch 2017 continued, the potential of high school students in Tuban are actually quite good. However, this potential is not maximal in its implemention. Moreover, in the case of their decision for university.

“Therefore, through Rawatungga Goes to School, we tried to help them with this program,” he continued.

Yoga added, Rawatungga Goes To School targeted 44 schools with the majority of schools located in the suburbs. In addition, there are still several high school students who are still clueless about their plan after graduate. This occurred due to several factors and one of the factors is the lack of guidance from the school to direct these children about campus life.

“We are working with schools and trying to direct high school students about campus life,” he added.

In its implementation, Rawatungga Goes To School made a personal or group approach for high school students called Rawatungga discussion. Rawatungga discussion is a discussion between 2-3 high school students to 1 person from Rawatungga.

From the discussion, we know their next plan after graduating from high school. Yoga said, Rawatungga Goes To School was also supported by one of the companies in Tuban, which was supported by PT. Semen Indonesia (Persero).

“Of course, Rawatungga Goes To School is very important to direct and invite high school students in Tuban guide them about campus life,” he concluded. (*)


Author: M. Najib Rahman

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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