UNAIR Holds Campus Expo at Banyuwangi Education Festival

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Banyuwangi Education Festival 2019.
Universitas Airlangga’s stand at Banyuwangi Education Festival 2019. (Personal Doc.)

UNAIR NEWS – Banyuwangi Education Festival (BEF) is a series of events held by Banyuwangi Bandung Student Family and held annually in Banyuwangi Regency.

Every year, Universitas Airlangga was invited to participate in the campus expo, BEF through UNAIR Banyuwangi PSDKU students. They do not waste the opportunity, UNAIR Banyuwangi students always invite Surabaya students who live in Banyuwangi and work together to prepare the campus expo. This time BEF was held on Sunday, Jan. 13.

Melan Argarini as the person in charge for campus expo, explained that 2019 BEF committee opened registrations for booths. But since UNAIR always contributes every year, UNAIR is directly contacted by the committee.

“So, for our booth we did not have to register, because the chairman of BEF committee was my high school friend. So we were asked by the committee to fill the booth that had been provided, ” Melan said.

As UNAIR is based in Surabaya and Banyuwangi, UNAIR stands is wider than the other stands. From the initial 2 stands, they were combined into one bigger stand for UNAIR.

With 20 students from Surabaya and Banyuwangi, UNAIR stand was crowded by high school students from Banyuwangi and areas around Banyuwangi Regency.

Most of the students who visited UNAIR stand asked about programs and faculties in UNAIR, admission, subjects, opportunities, and UNAIR campuses in Banyuwangi.

With patience, UNAIR students in in the stand answered all questions from visiting students.

“We are trying to be patient and friendly to them, because this is also for our university, UNAIR so that our university gains a lot of interest, especially PSDKU UNAIR in Banyuwangi,” Melan continued.

As the person in charge as well as the deputy of 2019 UNAIR Banyuwangi PSDKU Student Family, Melan hoped that after the campus expo there would be more people who know about UNAIR, both Surabaya campus and Banyuwangi campus. Students who have visited the stand are expected to get all the information they needed about UNAIR.

“Hopefully our activities can be beneficial and more useful, so high schoolers are motivated to study at UNAIR, especially in PSDKU UNAIR in Banyuwangi,” Melan told UNAIR NEWS.

Ellya Rahmah, one of the students from MAN Banyuwangi who visited UNAIR stand, said she was grateful for being able to visit BEF 2019, especially to UNAIR stand, because she could know more about UNAIR and it motivates her to go to school more actively to enter her favorite university.

“I hope I can graduate smoothly and enter my favorite university, UNAIR,” Ellya said. (*)

Author: Bastian Ragas

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh


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