2019 Leadership Meeting Held to Strengthen Synergy Towards Top 500 World Universities

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UNAIR Rector at Leadership Meeting UNAIR
UNAIR Rector Prof. Nasih opens and gives remarks at 2019 Leadership Meeting. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Steps and efforts made by Universitas Airlangga to get to Top 500 world universities are getting massive. Various efforts and breakthroughs have been carried out for several years. To start 2019, all leaderships are gathered to discuss various strategies and steps to be applied for next year.

For this reason, UNAIR Rector with all leaderships of UNAIR is holding a Leadership Meeting which is themed: Sustainable Synergy Towards UNAIR Top 500 World. The meeting is held at Sakala Resort Bali from Jan. 17 to Jan. 19, 2019.

In his opening remarks, Jan 17, UNAIR Rector Prof. Nasih gave direction and explained various achievements of UNAIR so far. He elaborated some achievements achieved by UNAIR, from improvement of accreditation, increasing number of doctors and professors, increasing number of scoupus indexed journals, and many other achievements.

“However, we must keep running faster, because we all know that other universities also continue to show progress,” he explained.

Prof. Nasih also encouraged all leaderships to keep aiming UNAIR’s vision of being an independent, innovative, prominent university at national and international level, a pioneer in the development of science, technology, humanities and art based on religious morality.

“To actualize the shared vision and missions, we need to take a new leap. UNAIR should not only be an imitator, but it must be the pioneer, “said Prof. Nasih.

Furthermore, Prof. Nasih also thanked the leaders who have worked hard to improve the alma mater.  The FEB UNAIR Professor also hoped that in the future, all leaders must be able to continue to improve the quality of performance.

“In this era of disruption a lot of innovation must be done. It is aimed to meet the demands and development of times,” Prof. Nasih said.

In the end, before closing the remarks, Prof. Nasih emphasized that all leaders in UNAIR must keep up their spirit to work and improve performance in 2019.

“Let us together make UNAIR better in the future,” he concluded.

Author: Nuri Hermawan

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