12 Airlangga Knights Hold KKN Back to Village in Toraja

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UNAIR at Toraja
12 Airlangga Knights in KKN Back to Village in Toraja. (Photo: By courtesy)


UNAIR NEWS – Through Community Service Institute (LPM), Universitas Airlangga held various Community Service Programs (KKN). According to the Rector’s Decree, the new Community Service Programs consist of KKN Overseas, KKN Back to Village, KKN Harum Citarum, Student Creativity Program, Community Service Outreach Program (KKN Ceria), and other programs.

This time, in 59th KKN activity, twelve students consist of 5 students from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, 4 students from Faculty of Public Health, 2 students from Faculty of Medicine, and 1 student from Faculty of Social and Political Sciences under the guidance of Dr. Abdul Samik., Mkes., drh., collaborated to hold KKN Back to Village program in Palangi Village, Balusu Sub-district, North Toraja Regency, South Sulawesi Province.

This KKN Toraja was formed by Brama Matutu, one of UNAIR students from North Toraja, South Sulawesi. For this reason, in the Back to Village KKN group, Brama, was named coordinator of the program.

“In this program, my team and I have a vision or goal, which is to serve the village where I was born, to be the pioneer of village development, and also to develop the cultural potential of Toraja community so that it is better known at national level even global level,” he explained.

Furthermore, Brama also said that the KKN program in Tanah Toraja was the first one being held there. It was held from 2 to 27 January 2019. The activities carried out was based on the work program that had been planned previously.

“Some of our work programs are Sapa Toraja where we learn more about the culture of Toraja people, Little Doctor for elementary school children, Clean and Healthy Behavior (PHBS) and Cheerful Gymnastics for elementary school children, Expo Campus for students of  SMAN 3 Toraja, Back to Nature for children in Pelangi Village, Pelangi Sehat for pregnant women and those who have toddlers, and also Animal Health, especially in buffalo and pig animals, “he said.

Based on the programs, Brama and the team hoped that all communities, especially Toraja community and throughout Indonesia will get to know and love the culture that exists in Toraja and can preserve it. Then through Pelangi Sehat program and Animal Health, it is expected to make public health and animal health in Pelangi Village, Balusu Subdistrict improved, “he stated.


Author: Akhmad Afifudin Al-Anshori

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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