UNAIR-Japanese Professors Discuss Future Joint Research

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UNAIR NEWS – Some professors from Japan and Universitas Airlangga held an interactive discussion at the Institute of Tropical Diseases (ITD) on Tuesday, January 8, 2019. The in-depth discussion attended by professors from several universities in Japan was titled The First Workshop on Research Cooperation of Humanities and Science for Implementing Global Welfare and it was held for two days, from Tuesday to Wednesday, January 8-9, 2019.

The background of the workshop was based on the collaboration between UNAIR and Kobe University which has long been established, especially through ITD in conducting research in the field of health science.

The good partnership and collaboration made both institution hold the workshop involving some universities and other Japanese institutions. There were four parties, universities and institutions, who were involved, Tokyo Women’s Medical University, Kyoto University, Kobe University, and Japan International Cooperation Agency, and also Victoria University of Wellington.

Head of ITD Prof. Inge Lusida justified the holding of the workshop as the beginning of research collaboration. Professors from both parties, UNAIR and Japan, presented their respective researches. The researches cover various fields, science and social.

“Today (Tuesday, ed) and tomorrow there will be workshops, especially between scientists from Kobe University (also others) and the Institute of Tropical Disease Universitas Airlangga. This workshop is designed to plan for collaborative research in science and social fields ,” she said.

“This is interesting, because we can design joint research involving science and social fields . This is very interesting, ” she stated.

Regarding the workshop, Prof. Inge explained that the professors who attended shared their experiences, especially their research activities in Japan and several countries in the world. In total there are ten Japanese professors. The professors from UNAIR also did the same thing. The results of research related to the latest issues faced by Indonesia, as well as in the world, were also presented.

Meanwhile, Vice Rector III Prof. Amin Alamsjah in the meeting on Monday, January 7, revealed that it was an excellent collaboration because it includes multidisciplinary sciences and involves many parties. Efforts to strengthen the quality of universities continue to be encouraged by UNAIR through such international research collaborations, especially with Japan.

“So far we have a long history of collaboration with Japan, especially with Kobe University in terms of health science. Now we are aiming to expand collaboration with several universities and social fields, “he said.

Prof. Amin said that the results of the workshop are expected to be more comprehensive in terms of improving the welfare of the community. In addition, the workshop is a medium to strengthen and develop other collaborations in the future. (*)


Author: Feri Fenoria

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