A Routinely Meeting and LPJ 2018 PKPB UNAIR Warms Flora Park in Surabaya

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PKPB UNAIR MEMBERS while doing morning exercise together at Taman Flora Kota Surabaya Jl. Manyar on Saturday, 5 January. There was also routinely meeting of LPJ 2018. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – A beautiful blossoming landscape spreads over Flora Park in Surabaya at Jl. Raya Manyar on Saturday, 5 January yesterday. All of participants dressed in yellow. Furthermore, there were 98 people enliven the event.

That was the action of members of Purna Bakti Employee Association (PKPB) UNAIR, when holding a regular meetings with the agenda of Management Annual Responsibility Report 2018. The meeting was opened with morning exercise and then fun walk activity around garden area in there.

While taking a break, education staff Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) ate their breakfast together and the food packed in a small size PKPB UNAIR traveling bag. In this green bag contains rice wrapped in banana leaves and drinks.

“Alhamdulillah, we are grateful for everything. All of this can’t be done if all of the participant didn’t help to prepare everything “said Nonok Beno Mintardjo, General Secretary PKPB UNAIR to unair.news

taman flora
Color coordinating with all of participant by wearing yellow clothes in Taman Flora Surabaya. Previously held morning exercise and fun walk activity. (Photo: Courtesy)

Head of PKPB UNAIR Dra. Kusmawati reported, this activity was carried out to fulfill organizational discipline and rules, as the accountability of PKPB activities for one year 2018.

The reference according to Minister of Law and Human Rights of Republic of Indonesia AHU-0005333.AH.01.07.YEAR 2018 about Ratification of Establishment for Purna Bhakti UNAIR Employee Association Legal Entity and a copy of certificate document of Notary Yayuk Sri Utami, SH., M.Si., M.Kn. Number 03 April 12, 2018 about Ratification of Purna Bhakti UNAIR Employee Association Legal Entity abbreviated as PKPB UNAIR and Regulations of Purna Bhakti UNAIR Employee Association in 2018.

“The purpose of this routine meeting was for all of the participant to get closer. Because of that we held the event in a green open space and there were morning exercise, fun walk activity, and cool nature vibes of Taman Flora Surabaya, “said Mrs. Wati, her nickname.

All participant sat down and ate breakfast together, adding to the harmony of PKPB UNAIR participant, during their meeting at Taman Flora Surabaya, Friday, 5 january. (Photo: Courtesy)

“Thus we can manifest the bonds of fellow members in reality according to our motto Seduluran Saklawase,” said Mrs. Wati, while briefly explained her experience of taking care online system licensing in Surabaya Smart City, known as Surabaya Single Window (SSW).

Senior participipant of PKPB UNAIR, Dra. Sunarti Arka also hoped that all of the participant of PKPB UNAIR would continue get along. Besides that, it is equally important to maintain health.

While enjoying the food provided and sat down next to the three, electone music was also played by Mujiono, a former UNAIR Finance Department staff. Moreover, it ended with door prizes distribution. It was not until 11:00 that the activity was finished. (*)

Author: Bambang Bes



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