In Third Semester, Andre Active Participating in 40 Competitions

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Andre Pupung Darmawan
ANDRE Pupung Darmawan during student outbound in Malaysia. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Andre Pupung Darmawan, bachelor’s degree student of Islamic Economics Program class 2018 Universitas Airlangga has made great achievement through various competitions.

He often participates in essay competitions. Moreover, Andre also takes part in another writing competition such as scientific papers, business plans, and articles.

For the third semester student, his participation in various competitions makes his parents proud. Andre revealed some of his works could be used as references for people in rural areas by developing their potential resources.

In participating in the competitions, Andre targets every month to take part in competitions. Furthermore, Andre also cooperates with other friends to be able to feel the beauty of competition.

“I make the competition a habit, losing or winning is not the main part, but still keeping financial conditions in mind,” said Andre, alumnus of SMA 1 Bawang Banjarnegara.

There are 40 competitions he followed until the third semester and he won in a third of them. His memorable success for him was Second Winner in Public Policy Innovation Essay Contest held by Padjadjaran University supported by Ministry of Communication and Information, APJII, ISEAS, because its competitors came from all universities in Indonesia.

So, who motivates him in participating dozens of competitions? Andre said that his family motivates and supports him in every step to pursue the future through positive activities.

The student born in Banjarnegara, August 13, 1999, likes traveling, through his journeys he finds and creates creative ideas in participating in competitions. Traveling does not only give him pleasure, but it can improve his knowledge from each trip.

A short message told by Andre, “Talk Less Do More”, that to achieve a dream do not only talk a lot, really act on it. (*)


Author: Rolista Dwi Oktavia

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia


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