Get to Know Head and Vice of KM PSDKU Banyuwangi 2019

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Bondan Sigit Purnomo Aji and Melan Argarini as Head and Vice of KM PSDKU UNAIR Banyuwangi KM 2019. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – The leadership milestone of PSDKU Universitas Airlangga family in Banyuwangi has changed. In the elections held a few weeks ago, KM PSDKU UNAIR Banyuwangi 2019 was officially owned by Bondan Sigit Purnomo Aji as leader and Melan Argarini as vice of KM PDSKU UNAIR Banyuwangi.

The student who is familiarly called Bondan was previously entrusted as vice of KM PSDKU UNAIR Banyuwangi for the period of 2018. Now, the veterinary student continues his leadership after winning the most votes from election series processes with 3 other candidates.

Meanwhile, as Vice of KM PSDKU 2019, the student who often called Melan was previously also one of KM PSDKU staff in Finance Bureau UNAIR Banyuwangi 2018.

Carrying the cabinet team under the name of Harmonious Cabinet, to UNAIR Bondan explained that several excellent programs had been prepared, including Reading Corner, Ask-Kesma FM and Kolabormawa.

“Reading Corner is a project for student literacy facilities in strategic open spaces.” Meanwhile, Ask-Kesma FM is a front guard to accommodate student aspirations, and Kolabormawa project is a form of collaboration between KM oroject and all PSDKU students for community service,” explained Bondan.

On the same occasion, Melan said in bringing the performance of KM PSDKU 2019, together with Bondan and the team brought a vision for creating KM and actualizing the harmonization of academic community by prioritizing aspirations, collaborations and achievements.

“Because in this organization we want the academic community to be harmonized by promoting aspirations, collaboration and achievements,” he explained.

Together with 44 members of KM PSDKU Banyuwangi 2019 consists of ten departments: Secretariat, Finance, Student Resource Development, Scientific, Health, Interest and Talent, Community Social, Creative Economy, Strategic and Information Studies and Public Relations.

Author: Siti Mufaidah

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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