Eight FST Students Conduct Research with Master’s and Ph.D Students in Taiwan

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Alifia Rizki Ananta conducts research to develop wastewater treatment technology at Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan. (Photo: Hilmi Putra Pradana)

UNAIR NEWS – Departure to Taiwan is the starting point for eight students of Faculty of Science and Technology, Universitas Airlangga, to develop a technology in wastewater treatment in Taiwan. The non-degree training program at Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU) encourages them to produce work through research.

Alifia Rizki Ananta, one of the delegates, explained that the research they conducted at CYCU was not just a research because it was aligned with master’s and Ph.D students.

“At CYCU we are aligned with S2 and S3 students. We experiment in the same place and share knowledge with them, “Alifia said.

It’s been a month since their departure on November 20. In the city of Zhongli, Taiwan, they conduct research and learn new things. It was not easy to get the result we expected.

Eight FST students visit Post-Nature — A Museum as an Ecosystem. (Photo: By courtesy)

Among the 3 pre-determined topics, at least 4-5 times the experiment was conducted. Of course, one trial takes a lot of time. Preparation of making materials, diluting pollutants, until sampling must be done every few minutes.

Accuracy, diligence, and patience are needed here. And maybe it will make a difference as they return to East Java.

“The selected material often cannot degrade predetermined pollutants. Even sometimes in making material there is a failure. Maybe this is a process, “Alifia said.

Luckily they are not alone there. In Bio-Science and Technology building where they conduct research, there are other students from Indonesia. In fact, there were two students who had previously taken the same degree with their majors, environmental engineering. There were also several exchange students from Thailand and Vietnam conducted the same research.

Not only conducting the research, the eight UNAIR students and other students were invited by the professor several times to travel around Taiwan. Once upon a time, they went to Post-Nature —A Museum as an Ecosystem, museum about the projection of post-human world by positioning artists to make building technology by paying attention to the environment, and having dinner in Bali District, Taipei.

Furthermore, Alifia said, in the remaining time there, she and other students were not discouraged to continue conducting research to find the best results.

“It’s like an inventor who needed to make many attempts to succeed. But we are ready to do it and we are ready to get it, “Alifia said. (*)

Author: Hilmi Putra Pradana

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh


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