Airlangga Bussines Community Encourages Students to Build Business

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UNAIR NEWS – In Industrial Revolution 4.0 era, it has become a reference for Indonesian youth to build businesses. By increasing skills and adding experience in their fields, now Airlangga Bussines Community (ABC) is here to improve and realize the expectations of students at Universitas Airlangga. Especially related to business start-ups.

Interviewed by UNAIR NEWS on December 14, 2018 in ABC Seminar at Surabaya Town Square (SUTOS), one of the administrators of IKAFE (Faculty of Economics Alumni Association) Yunus stated that ABC continues to encourage new businesses from students and youth. One of them was done through holding the seminar.

“The event (ABC seminar, ed) was to build alumni, student, and community interests and talents in business world,” he said.

The ABC seminar discussed opportunities and challenges of transportation and logistics business in 2019. Putut Sri Muljanti, director of PELINDO III Operations and Commercials, emphasized for now, the shipping had no restrictions so that it could go in and out.

“Limits that come out of general behavior. Not just limiting shipping. But, more precisely there is no suitable or suitable cruise, “he said.

Sri added, in accordance with Shipping Law issued in 2008, everyone in the country allowed to build a platform. Thus, the market cannot be monopoly. For example, Pertamina which is similar to foreign players who want to enter and take control in Jakarta, Bali, and Sumatra by taking over a large-scale market.

Furthermore, there was prices competition and logistics reduction. Due to this, Coasting Shipping was raised as an option to reduce loads and congestion along the road. Jalan Pantura, for example.

Meanwhile, in the end of conversation, Yunus advised that students from Faculty of economics and business also other faculties could actively participate in ABC activities. Especially, this event intended for students to establish their cooperation in developing their business. On the other hand, alumni can help to accompany students.

Therefore, their efforts can be directed at cooperation in accordance with business network built by alumni, including their colleagues. Yunus said, ABC will hold a company visit in the future for students. Furthermore, Yunus invited all participants and students to strengthen their enthusiasm to face openness era.

“Let’s face the future together. Especially, for Indonesia to be better. “he said. (*)


Author: Rolista Dwi Oktavia

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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