1,000 Students Motivate High School Students To Go To College

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Illustration: BEM UNAIR
Illustration: BEM UNAIR

UNAIR NEWS – In order to support students to carry out their services in their respective regions, Universitas Airlangga held UNAIR Sapa Negeri (USN) event. The activity is an annual activity carried out by the Regional Student Organization Silaturahmi Forum(FORSIDA) which is an autonomous body of Student Executive Body (BEM) UNAIR.

Being held during the odd semester holiday, USN was done by more than 1,000 regional students. The USN targeted 37 regions throughout Indonesia. The activity aims to make students become “spokespersons” for UNAIR to the communities in Indonesia.

Unang Setia Noer Rahma, as chairman of FORSIDA, said that USN is an effort to devote students to regions throughout Indonesia, especially in the field of education. UNAIR students will return to their respective regions to give motivation to high school students to continue their education to a higher level.

“Students will also introduce Universitas Airlangga to students, even to remote parts of the country,” he said.

Unang stated that before the students sent the field, the delegates had been briefed about UNAIR first. They were informed on student admission to avoid misinformation.

“The delegates were very excited about to make USN successful. It is evident that at this time there are delegates on the field already, “he added.

Related to the dissemination method, Unang stated that freedom was given to each delegation, but they still had to cooperate with the schools they are visiting. They did not limit the number of schools to be visited.

“In fact, the enthusiasm was high as there are delegates to carry out dissemination in 30 schools,” he added.

UNAIR provided facilities to each delegation such as souvenirs. The material to be given to students has also been prepared by UNAIR in order to provide complete and precise information.

“I hope with this USN, regional students can spend their holidays with useful activities and strengthen friendship between students,” he concluded. (*)


Author: M. Najib Rahman

Editor: Feri Fenoria


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