UNAIR Team Wins Silver at Seoul International Innovation Competition

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Four UNAIR students at Seoul
FOUR students won the silver medal in Seoul International Invention Fair (SIIF) competition, Seoul, South Korea, on Thursday-Saturday (6-8 December, 2018). (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Three Faculty of Nursing (FKp) students and one student from Universitas Airlangga Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) won a silver medal in Seoul International Invention Fair (SIIF) competition, Seoul, South Korea, Thursday-Saturday (6-8 December 2018). SIIF is a competition organized by the Korea Invention Promotion Association (KIPA).

Inspired by his juniors in nursing who won an international event in Japan, the competition information was received by Teguh Dwi Saputro (team leader) and Yenny. Furthermore, both of them traced the information until finally invited by Fina and Wildan as a team to participate in the innovation competition in Korea.

“We participated in this competition because we have dreamt about it  but haven’t achieved yet. Therefore, even though we are in the seventh semester, we are still trying to make it happen by winning an international competition, “Teguh said.

“The four of us have dreams to play an important role in gaining good reputation for Universitas Airlangga at international level,” he added.

Finally UNAIR team won the title by presenting an innovation called PINELICA (Pineapple Peel as Hair Care), an innovation by utilizing pineapple skin waste as a gel that can be used as a mask and cream to overcome dandruff.

The PINELICA Team consists of Teguh Dwi Saputro, 2015 FKp student, as chairman; Fina Ainur Rohmah, class 2015 FKp; Yenny P, class 2015 FKp; and Wildani Abdala N, class 2015 FISIP . Guided by Dr. Kusnanto., S.Kp., M.Kes, the UNAIR team was able to pass step by step well.

Teguh acknowledged, his team was formed a day before abstract submission duedate. The team felt reluctance about participating in the innovation competition. Considering, the Seoul International Invention Fair (SIIF), Seoul, South Korea, held in December, would be costly.

“We were pessimistic at first not to get funding. In addition, on that schedule, we (students, ed) has final exams, but there are also assignments, “he said.

However, the team finally managed to overcome the obstacles. The commitment and strong determination of each team member paid off.

“We presented our innovation, PINELICA (Pineapple Peel as Hair Care), orally in front of two judges from other countries,” said Fina, a team member.

“How do we make it ( PINELICA ) , what are the advantages, how about the SWOT analysis. How is the research in the future, “added Wildan, one of the team members.

For the presentation, UNAIR delegation won a silver medal. According to Teguh, the initial idea of ​​his team’s innovation came from the many pineapple skins that were thrown away so they piled up and became waste. In fact, pineapple skin has many ingredients that are beneficial for hair health especially to overcome dandruff which is a problem for humans in the modern era.

“We made an innovation on gel from pineapple skin extract that can be used for many things. It can be used as a mask and hair cream in overcoming dandruff which is certainly more practical, economical, safe, and environmentally friendly, “he said.

UNAIR team competed with participants with a total of 606 inventions and 33 countries such as from Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Macau, Taiwan and Croatia. The participants came from various backgrounds, from junior high-school students, students, lecturers, to researchers. From Indonesia, there were 70 teams participated, including from FKp UNAIR.

After winning a silver in Seoul, Teguh said, his team planned to develop the innovation or spawn new innovations for competing at other international levels.

“And, the most important of our efforts is to develop ourselves and gain good reputation for Universitas Airlangga at international level,” he said. (*)

Author: Teguh Dwi Saputro / Feri Fenoria


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