Sandro Produces Seven International Journal Publications in a Year

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ALEXANDER Patera Nugraha, a 2014 student of Faculty of Dental Medicine (FKG) Universitas Airlangga who produces seven reputable international journal publications within a year. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Alexander Patera Nugraha, a student of Faculty of Dental Medicine Universitas Airlangga from class 2014 has been active producing international publication. He has published seven papers in reputable international journals in only a year.

The man known well as Sandro was one of the recipients of Master Education Scholarship Towards Doctorate for Excellent Graduate (PMDSU) Batch III in 2017 by Directorate General for Science, Technology and Higher Education Resources, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. In addition to seven international journal publications, Sandro is currently waiting for two other journals to be published soon. Along with his colleagues, Sandro succeeded in contributing to Indonesian scientific publications so that they exceeded the number of scientific publications from Thailand and Singapore which had never happened before in Indonesian history.

In the future, he wanted to become an academic who devoted himself entirely to the development of science. He has a dream to contribute directly to the intellectual life of the nation.

“I want what I have and I know can be felt by everyone,” he said.

Along with Prof. Fedik Abdul Rantam, UNAIR professor and PMDSU promoter, Sandro is now growing to become a young Indonesian scientist. Sandro followed Prof. Fedik to become scientists and academics with integrity and full of dedication to science and higher education.

Sandro is currently focusing on creating stem cell formulas for dental and oral care. These cells have multipotent properties which can differentiate into various kinds of mesenchymal lineage cells. The formulation serves to regenerate tissue that is believed to be able to treat various diseases. These cells can also secrete various secretions of large and small molecules.

“This cell is also a very good growth factor for regenerating damaged tissue,” he said.

At the age of 25 years, Sandro is always optimistic, dares to face challenges, and always wants to satisfy his curiosity.

“If we do not immediately prepare a quality generation that has optimism, how can education be able to provide hope,” he said. (*)


Author: M. Najib Rahman

Editor: Feri Fenoria


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