Pharmacy Students Work Named among TOP 10 Best Research Posters at 11th iMPaCHS Malaysia

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Poster Competition Research Team at the 11th International Medical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmeceutical and Health Science Symposium (iMPaCHS) Management and Science University, Malaysia, December 13. (Photo: By Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Three students from UNAIR Faculty of Pharmacy, Tri Wahyudi, Fakhriyah Dinina, and Faatihatul Alifiyah have made an achievement in Research Poster Competition category in the 11 th International Medical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmeceutical, and Health Science Symposium (iMPaCHS) Management and Science University, Malaysia, on Thursday, December 13. They managed to reach the TOP 10 Best Research Poster at 11 th iMPaCHS Malaysia .

They presented ‘PILL SHAMING’ Awareness Campaign: As Implementation of Pharmacist Roles Toward Shaming Eradication Pill on Therapy for Mental Health Disorder “. It raised a topic rarely discussed in Indonesia about the condition of body shaming when a person experiences enormous fear when taking medicine.

Tri Wahyudi explained that such conditions have occurred in Indonesia today. Many people are afraid to take medicine (pill shaming) just because they are afraid of being considered sick or unable to maintain their mental and body condition.

“We also examined the effects that affect a person’s mental health,” said the 2017 student.

Their poster was mostly visited during the exhibition, said Tri Wahyudi, he and his team were overwhelmed by explaining the contents of the posters to visitors. “My team and I were even speechless after the judging. Lecturers and judges from Management and Science University came back to congratulate us. According to them, it (UNAIR team theme, ed) is a unique topic. They offered research collaboartion on our topics to be published later in the next international event, “said Tri Wahyudi.

UNAIR as one of the best universities in Indonesia encourages its students to actively participate in international events. As UNAIR as a world class university continues to improve the quality of education to improve its ranking and reputation internationally, especially to achieve Top 500 world class universities. (*)


Author: Wiwik Yuni Eryanti Ningrum

Editor: Feri Fenoria


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