UNAIR Wins as the Best University Award in Student Affairs

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M. Hadi Subhan while receiving an award from Kemenristekdikti on Friday night, 14 December. (Private Doc.)

UNAIR NEWS – Ministry of Research and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti) of General Directorate of Learning and Student Affairs (Directorate General of Belmawa) gave an awards for Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) for its achievements in student affairs. UNAIR won the award as the best university in student affairs non-competition category.

The award was given on Friday night 14 December at 2nd Floor of Building D, Kemenristekdikti, Jakarta. UNAIR won at first place while Telkom University at second place and Bandung Institute of Technology at third place.

The student affairs award was given based on the evaluation of Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education conducted throughout 2018. UNAIR became the winner among four thousand of state and private universities across Indonesia.

Director of Student Affairs, UNAIR Dr. M. Hadi Subhan said there were four components assessed by Kemenristekdikti for the award. First, student affairs organizations, including Student Executive Board (BEM), Student Legislative Body (BLM), Student Legislative Council (DLM), Student Representative Assembly (MPM), and Student Activity Unit (UKM).

Second, the conductive athmosphere in student affairs dynamics. “If there were any demonstrations or not. In conclusion, maintaining student conductiveness in campus area.” said Hadi.

Third, student activities management. For instance, UNAIR students participation in competition held by universities across Indonesia, as well as student activities initiated by UNAIR students themselves. While the fourth assessment component is student affairs management.

Hadi revealed student activities management in UNAIR was well managed. He said, during a review of Higher Education Accreditation (APT) a while ago, UNAIR was the only university that had centralized and organized student activities.

“We had 42 Student Activities. UNAIR is the only university that had centralized and organized activities. (student center)”said Hadi.

“The openness and dialogue are continuously carried out in student affairs. In case, if they have a problem. We facilitate a place for student to overcome their problem in student center” he added.

In addition to establish communication between students and university, UNAIR through Directorate of Student Affairs also provides infrastructure and proportional funding for all student activities. Thus, student activities will keep moving.

Hadi hoped that all of UNAIR facility for students will continue to be better in the future. Thus, with that being said, there will be more of student achievement. A student achievement will uplift UNAIR name in society. These student achievements will support UNAIR towards World Class University.

Meanwhile, Head of BEM UNAIR Galuh Teja Sakti hoped that UNAIR Student Directorate can continue to maintain and improve the quality of student-oriented services. On the same time, building an inclusive service system. So that they can accept student aspiration.

“Hopefully, in the future Dirmawa (Directorate of Student Affairs, ed) will increasingly accommodate the interests, talents, and achievements of UNAIR students. Congratulations on this achievement.” said Teja. (*)


Author: Binti Q. Masruroh

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