UNAIR Hospital Opens Aesthetic Center

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UNAIR NEWSUniversitas Airlangga Hospital inaugurated the new service, Airlangga Aesthetic Center service on Wednesday, December 12.  Airlangga Aesthetic Center is another form of service for the community related to aesthetics or beauty. Airlangga Aesthetic Center was inaugurated directly by Directorate General of Higher Education Facilities and Infrastructure, Ir. Sofwan Effendy MBA.

Airlangga Aesthetic Center was opened on 1st floor of UNAIR Hospital, Campus C UNAIR. The opening of Airlangga Aesthetic Center is part of safe and scientific services because the tools used are already registered to BPOM.

Director of RSUA Prof. Dr. Nasronudin, dr., Sp. PD, K-PTI FINASIM stated that RSUA has a vision to become a leading teaching hospital at national and international level in providing education, and conducting research in health sector.

UNAIR Hospital has made history as the first teaching hospital which opens Aesthetic Center in Indonesia because previously, only private hospitals opened services in beauty service.

“The inauguration of Airlangga Aesthetic Center is a part of an effort to provide excellent service to the community, especially related to beauty and health,” said Prof. Nasron.

On that occasion, Arumi Bachsin was invited to participate in opening Airlangga Aesthetic Center. The wife of the Vice Governor elected of East Java and the Head of East Java PKK became an icon of beauty in the East Java region. In his remarks, Arumi stated that she was proud to be invited to this event.

“Nowadays, people from young people to adults have begun to pay attention to their own beauty. So, the inauguration of Airlangga Aesthetic Center will bring benefits if the UNAIR Hospital takes the decision to pursue the field of beauty and care, ” she explained.

At the end of the event, there was a visit to Airlangga Aesthetic Center units, including Dental Aesthetic, Varicose Veins Clinic, and Stem Cell.

Dental Aesthetic will later serve patients if they have dental beauty problems. For example, teeth that are not neat or tenuous can be tidied up.

Varicose veins clinic serves patients with varicose veins. Symptoms of varicose veins themselves are enlarged blood vessels in the leg area, so that it can reduce the aesthetics of the patient’s body.

Stem Cell service plays a role in repairing dead or injured tissue. When associated with beauty, Stem Cell is able to regenerate aging skin replaced with new skin cells (stem cells) and make the skin look younger.

After the inauguration of Airlangga Aesthetic Center, the event continued with a seminar on World AIDS Day on how to face HIV / AIDS. The World AIDS Day Commemoration Seminar was held in 8th Floor of Dharmawangsa Hall, UNAIR Hospital on the same day. (*)

Author: Tunjung Senja Widuri

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh


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