Success in Career, Zakky Becomes FKM Outstanding Graduates

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UNAIR NEWS – Ahmad Zakky Multazam or Zakky, a student with a big entrepreneurial spirit with skills in the field of graphic design, did not want to continue studying after high school, especially when he has got a lot of design requests from both inside and outside the country.

His parents’ demands to continue his studies led Zakky to become an outstanding graduate of PSDKU UNAIR Public Health Faculty in Banyuwangi. Zakky successfully graduated with a GPA of 3.41 and SKP of 1,130. Not only college, Zakky also manages several small businesses to increase income and improve skills.

“In addition to college, I also have a small-scale printing business, become a print entrepreneur, and build a business on chips with my juniors,” said the student from Kediri.

Although he is busy studying and doing business, Zakky continues to develop himself by participating in various organizations. He was chosen as chairman of PSDKU UNAIR Student Family (KM) in Banyuwangi (2014), became part of the B-PHA (Banyuwangi Public Health Association) and the coordinator of Broadcasting Class Cinematography (2016), as well as the Advocacy coordinator INSAN GENRE Banyuwangi (2017).

Zakky’s achievements for examples, in 2014 he succeeded in becoming the first winner of National Level Full Body Contact PANGKOSTRAD Karate Cup Men’s Youth Kumite in Semarang and the second winner of Logo and Mascot Contest in ASEAN Tourism Forum in Manila (2016). In addition, in the fifth semester Zakky joined Permata student exchange program at North Sumatra University for one semester.

For his juniors, Zakky advised them to not feel enough with the college routines. According to Zakky, the difference between students and ordinary high school students are the mindset. For this reason, students also have to join organizations.

“If you only focus on college, you will not be able to develop. It is necessary to hone skills and mindsets with the organization and follow discussions, “said Zakky. (*)

Author: Galuh Mega Kurnia

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh


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