Maritime Project Students Exploring Noko Island While Doing Community Service

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The excitement of KMP committee on Noko Island beach in the afternoon. (Photo: Pandu Wibisono)

UNAIR NEWS – During their time in there, UNAIR Knight Project (KMP) committee had an opportunity to see the beauty of Noko Island which is located on east side of Bawean Island.

A long flat shaped island surrounded by several pine trees and magnificence white sand are what makes everyone fascinated with this place.

Moreover, this uninhabited beach seems attached with an island next to it, named Gili island, even though it was actually separated by sea water.

The sound of the waves crashing softly on the boat, the reflection of sunlight that pierced reef’s base, with hordes of fish looking for food around the reef. It showed that the environment around this island are still well maintained.

When they arrived at this place, all of the committee immediately went straight to the beach, swimming and running around the beach.

In between activities, the committee met with a group of Gili island families who works in Singapore and happened to be on vacation there. They gave the comittee some fresh coconut mixed with palm sugar and snack called onchok-onchok, a traditional tuna nugget from there.

One of the commitee, Pandu Wibisono claimed found hidden paradise on this island. By carrying his drone, it shows increadible drone footage of Noko Island. Several corrals were seen roaming around the beach.

“I swear this view can’t be bought anywhere, it is really beautiful and you have to come here guys” he said when controlling his drone on the fishing boat.

Unfortunately, the beauty of this exotic Noko island  is still unknown to a lot of people. In fact, there were a lot of snorkeling and instagramable spots scattered there.

The committee hoped that for those who are tired of living in urban area can come and visit this hidden gem island.

Previously, there were 13 students had served through the Ksatria Maritime Project (KMP) activities on Gili Noko Island, Gresik Regency on 10-16 November 2018.

In this community service activities, there were three main service programs. First, Cikur socialization (characteristics of the authenticity of rupiah). Secondly, Dermaga Baca. The committee established a reading house in SDN Sidogentung Batu 4, which contained books, maps, blackboards, and stationary. And the third, solar panels installation for elementary school, reading houses and roads in there. (*)

Author: Fariz Ilham Rosyidi

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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