UNAIR’s Student on Their Teaching Experience at Gili Island

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Ismi Choirunisa with several children SD Sidogentung Batu 4 Gili Island. (Photo: Maulya)

UNAIR NEWS – Education is important for nation’s growth and development. A great nation will certainly make education as a priority. Meanwhile, Indonesia also one of the nation that still improving education system which showed in in the opening of UUD 1945 “educating the nation’s life.”

For this reason, various methods are used to advance education. One of them passes teaching in 3T area (Outermost, Frontier, and Disadvanted). One of participants from Ksatria Maritime Project, Ismi Choirunisa Majoring in Library and Information Science Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Universitas Airlangga, shared her impression of teaching at SDN 4 Sidogentung Batu, Gili Island.

She was really happy and touched by this teaching experience. It made her happy because she can share her knowledge and experience with SDN 4 Sidogentung Batu students. Moreover, she was touched with their condition, particullary on their limited facilities, accommodations, and teaching staff. Yet, they still wanted to learn.

“Sometimes, there were no class at all and ocasionally the school opened in the noon but student still wanted to learn, “said the student from Banyuwangi.

Unforgettable moment

During 3 days of teaching, Ismi discussed thematic subject and the rest was filled with “fun activity class” started from singing, games, and aspiration classes.

“I’m impressed with their future goal, written in their dream paper.” They wants to become a  HafizeQuran,  pilot, doctor, fishermen and teacher.” said Ismi.

It was one of her unforgettable lesson in life because of the opportunity to gather around with them.  She was inspired with Gili children for always being grateful, their enthusiasm for learning, and their natural habit with their surrounding environment.

Ismi Choirunisa with children SD Sidogentung Batu 4 Gili Island. (Photo: Maulya)

Sometimes, she was invited by children to get some mangoes, find ants, and play with them.

In the afternoon, she was invited by children just to  eat fruit, drink young coconut, and eat guava in their home.

One unforgettable momement when we sang local song, “Gili Pulauku”.

“Gili pulauku e.. Gili bumiku, Gili pulauku e.. Gili bumiku, Lirik-lirik e.. jangan melirik, Lama-lama e.. bisa tertarik,”  said Ismi while singing the song. (*)

Author: Fariz Ilham Rosyidi

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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