What is the First Aid Steps for Choking in Children ?

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One of student from Faculty of Nurse 2015 demonstrating first aid step for choking in children to all of participants at Bina Tunas Bangsa Kindergarten Surabaya. (Doc. Committee)

UNAIR NEWS – In order to apply material that obtained on campus directly to community or Project Based Learning (PjBL), students from Faculty of Nurse 2015 held counseling and simulation about first aid step for choking. The activity was made for parents and teachers at Bina Tunas Bangsa Surabaya Kindergarten, which approximately 40 people attended the event.

Interviewed by UNAIR NEWS on Tuesday, 27  November, Farhan Ardiansyah said that the purpose of this event was to increase knowledge, attitudes, and behavior regarding to first aid step for choking in children. Choking is emergency condition that must get help immediately.

“We used simulation and counseling methods for all of parents and kindergarten teachers, so they can learn more about knowledge regarding to choking, attitudes, and behavior towards first-aid to children,” he added.

Student from Faculty of Nurse 2015 said that first aid measures for choking in children still a misunderstanding. Parents often give their children a drink and hoped that it will push objects into stomach. He continued, it is not recommended because there’s a good chance that the respiratory may be blocked by the object.

“If you don’t get first aid properly, the object will not released in airway immediately,” he added.

Farhan said, coughing and vomiting is a reaction from our body to remove objects stuck inside on our body, some of it enter in lungs, which can cause pneumonia. In addition, choking can lead to blockages in the airway that prevent the brain to get oxygen or called hypoxia. Therefore, parents needs to understand the first aid for chocking that can be given correctly.

Farhan said that parents  must check their children type of blockage. The trick is whether children can cough or not. If they cannot breathe, speak or cough at all in conscious condition then parents can use Heimlich maneuvering or by using methods 5-5. That is five back blows with five abdominal thrusts when performing the Heimlich maneuver.

“In accordance with our tag line. “Choking? Remember 3T. Keep calm, clap and press “,” he added.

If they are in unconscious condition then it is advisable to immediately carry out pulmonary cardiac resuscitation (CPR) with a fulcrum in half lower of Processus xiphoideus. However, if you are alone you can do one cycle  of CPR and contact 112.

“The participants were very enthusiastic in this event. “The response of the participants regarding to the material has been given well and it proven by the increase of pre test and post test value,” he concluded. (*)

Author: M. Najib Rahman

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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