Emil Dardak Spreading Peace Action through Millenials Generation

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EMIL Dardak while delivering a keynote speech at Millenials Peace Festival, Amerta Hall, 4th Floor, Office of Management of Campus C Universitas Airlangga. (Photo: Ferry Fenoria Rifa'i)

UNAIR NEWS – Who doesn’t want peace? Everyone on this earth wants peace. We dont want to bring violence, injustice, hatred, and injustice right? However, If we dont spread peace to each other then it will truly bring a major impact to our peaceful enviroment.

Emil Dardak while delivering a keynote speech at Millenials Peace Festival in Amerta Hall, 4th Floor, Management Office of Campus C, Universitas Airlangga. He gave several tips to spread peace action for millennial. Given that, millennial generation is active on social media and interacting with each others as a result of digital era.

“A lot of people stated that they wants peace. In the form of direct speech, status, or something else. However, they also like being nosy on social media, ” he said.

“Is this also one of the part on peace and loving expression?”

According to Emil, hateful message and blasphemy lately have been circulating on social media. Moreover, social media users are dominated by young people or millennial generation. The differences perspective was the cause of widespread expression of hatred that have been circulating on social media, lately.

Infact, this could have a serious impact later on. Given, Indonesia is a diverse country. Both ethnicity, religion, and race.

Starting from comment

Emil explained, the effort spreading peace can be done easily. One of the example that we should not to be easily provoked by negative comments to anyone and to anything. Particulary in social media when you going to add a comments, be wise about it.

“It’s an open secret, the first thing that millennial generation do before going to sleep or after wake up is looking for their smartphone,” he said.

“It’s like we can not live without our phone. Thus, for the peace action, it started from yourself and how you use social media, “he added.

This kind of simple actions is the key to make greater impact in the future, world peace. In addition, millennial generation must have a commitment to build peace through internet. Especially, to reduce the practice of hate speech.

“We should have a commitment. We should be care with everyone around us, “he said.

“Social media user should be wise and open minded. Besides that, everyone have to be respectful regarding to several sensitive topic. We should actively fight against the bad image of our society (Indonesia, ed). It’s the time for silent majority to rise and spread the peace action, “he added. (*)


Author: Ferry Fenoria Rifai

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