Nauval Promotes UNAIR Banyuwangi Futsal in Warrior Championship

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NAUVAL Witartono, one of UNAIR PSDKU futsal team player who won Top Score predicate on UNAIR Warrior Championship. (Photo: Ragas)

UNAIR NEWS – Nauval Witartono, Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) student batch 2017. Off Main Campus Study Program (PSDKU) Universitas Airlangga in Banyuwangi managed to raise PSDKU name in UNAIR Surabaya. He was named as the top scorer in UNAIR Warrior Championship (WCU) which was announced on Sunday 25 November.

WCU itself is a futsal competition within UNAIR as a substitute for Rector Cup. It is followed by 15 faculties and held from 21-25 November 2018 at Gor Futsal Indoor Campus C UNAIR.

With six goals, Nauval succeeded in bringing PSDKU men’s futsal team to top group A defeating FH (Faculty of Law), Fpsi (Faculty of Psychology), and FKG (Faculty of Dentistry), and managed to survive until the final eight.

“I felt really happy and proud of my futsal team. Even though I’m the only one who got top scorer predicate, we are all winners. Because, futsal is a team game, while I just happen to be the executor of a goal, “said Nauval.

He also advised that with this new achievement, hopefully it will bring up the enthusiasm of UNAIR futsal team member and komikat (community of interest and talent) in PSDKU UNAIR to create new achievements.

“Hopefully with this new achievement in futsal, it can motivate other futsal team friends. If we work hard then the result will be great and for other community create and make PSDK UNAIR name higher, “he added.

Meanwhile, Yunus Yovia Rohman, Head of UNAIR PSDKU futsal committee added that he was grateful for this achievement. “Thank God this is the history of PSDKU futsal team. To be honest, this is the best achievement in 4 years , “he said.

“Even though we are still lacking in human resource, we are determined to create our own human resource. As we know, our student number are still below UNAIR Surabaya student number” added Yunus.

The strong determination of the UNAIR futsal team to excel and participate in various competitions in universities, districts, to Java-Bali scope, finally showed in WCU. Successfully surviving up to eight final, occupying the top position in group A, and getting the top score predicate was an achievement for team.

As the head of the Futsal Community, Yunus advised for futsal commite to always work hard.

“Hopefully, in the future we can achieve more award and we also need to increase all of futsal team member commitment to create achievements, “he concluded. (*)


Author: Bastian Ragas

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i

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