Cultural Festival Enlivens the Second Day Urban Festival UNAIR

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UNAIR NEWS – The excitement of UNAIR Urban Festival Day continued until the second day, Saturday, 24 November. This time, UNAIR recruited Faculty of Humanities to celebrate 64th  anniversary of UNAIR through Cultural Festival. The event was the peak of Urban Festival Day as well as Faculty of Humanities anniversary.

This year is the 20th of Cultural Festival, and it was one of UNAIR anniversary event series. Related to the theme, Cultural Festival did not only elevate Indonesia but also international culture. As said by Ulfa, English Literature student and Head Executive, the theme for this year was Cultural Diversity.

“We focuses in Indonesian culture on the first day, but the scope is more global including international culture,” she said.

Moreover, Mike Neuber the Director of Wisma German in Surabaya was there. Mike was invited as a speaker on German-Indonesian cross-cultural talk show as participation from Wisma Germany in supporting this Cultural Festival. In addition, Mike shared his culture with UNAIR students. The Cultural Festival was also attended by committee representatives of UNAIR anniversarry, Dean of FIB and staff, as well UNAIR alumni.

In the entrance to stage, visitors were welcomed by FIB ambassadors who wore traditional costume like Japanese kimonos and klederdacht from Dutch. Visitors were also enjoyed eating various kinds of culinary stands, both from local and international. Representative from student organization (Ormawa) FIB also helped enliven the booth with a variety of food and craft products.

The event was also enlivened by various art performances from FIB students and the arts community in Surabaya, including Doa Ibu Orchestra, Surabaya Ukulele Community, Keroncong Community, and many more. Last but not least, there was a special singer guest star, Adera.

In the end, Ulfa hoped that Cultural Festival next year can be more spectacular.

“Hopefully, it will be more festive and also it can bring all of academic staff closer,” she said


Author: Zanna Afia Deswari

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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