Presenting Gegana Team, AAYCCP 2.0 Invites International Delegates in Terrorism Simulation

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UNAIR NEWS – Airlangga ASEAN +3 Youth Conference and Cultural Program (AAYCCP) 2.0 was one of international events held by Ministry of Science in collaboration with Ministry of Foreign Relations BEM UNAIR 2018 and Management & Science University (MSU) as co-house for this event. This activities theme was all about leadership and culture, it was held for four days. Started on Tuesday, 20 November to Friday, 23 November at Universitas Airlangga.

There were various series of activities such as Paper Competition, International Conference, International Seminar, Focus Group Discussion, Gala Dinner, Cultural Trip to Mojokerto and Cultural Convention. This year, the event took “Terrorism Threat on ASEAN +3 Region” as their theme.

Galuh Teja Sakti, President of BEM UNAIR, in his speech explained that the theme was chosen because terrorists had occurred in various places. Asia is not the only continent that has experienced such frightening consequences, but the whole world also affected because of that.

“As we know, the threat of terrorism is more real than before. The threat has become a concern international community. Therefore, as a generation that will seize the impact of terrorism or threats, an understanding of the issues of terrorism is needed, ” said Teja.

In addition, Inas Pramitha Abdini Haq, Ministry of Science BEM UNAIR added that recently, there were three times terrorist acts in Surabaya. Inas felt that terrorism often creates a misconception concept in community.

“Therefore, ‘Terrorism Threat on ASEAN + 3 Region’ was chosen for this event theme. We are trying to restore and rectify terrorism fact, which increasingly spread not only in Indonesia, but also throughout the world. Especially in ASEAN +3, “said FKM student batch 2015.

There were around ninety delegates at this event. The delegations came from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Madagascar, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Brunei Darussalam, Pakistan, Myanmar, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Syria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Madagascar, Cambodian, Myanmar, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Gambia, and Tanzania.

According to Inas, all of participants were very enthusiast in participating on this event. Especially, when a terrorism simulation was held by Gegana team in International Seminar on Wednesday, 23 November at Airlangga Convention Center (ACC) Campus C UNAIR. The interesting part was when most of delegates knew about dangdut songs.

“That was really interesting, because dangdut is a traditional song. Moreover, some delegates from other countries knew pretty well about dangdut. “Gala Dinner was held last night at Dafam Hotel,” she said.

Inas hoped the event can provide greater knowledge and impact about terrorism which currently has been a sensitive issue in various parts of the world especially for ASEAN +3. In addition, AAYCCP can be a place for UNAIR branding and promoting Indonesia culture. Especially, East Java culture in International level.

“With AAYCCP, I hope it can strengthened the relation between universities in international level. Both in ASEAN and worldwide, ” she concluded. (*)

Author: Galuh Mega Kurnia

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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