Nursing National Seminar Discusses Disruption Era

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FKp UNAIR Facing Disruption Era
Question and answer session by one of the seminar participants. (Photo: Ruli Maulana)

UNAIR NEWS – Disruptive innovation (disruption) is a phenomenon of analog era shift into digital era. As we know that digital innovations are created to make human easier to fulfill their needs. In disruption era, we have to keep up with new developments without falling into negative impact of digital era.

We must undertand the meaning of disruption itself, never underestimate it. Because, the effects can be fatal. The real example in real life was Bluebird Taxi.

Previously, Bluebird Taxi controlled transportation market share in Indonesia. Around 21,000 unit were widespread across Indonesia. But suddenly, Gojek instanly changed transport market share and it affect Bluebird, which had stood 46 years ago. The taxi company has been disrupted by gojek which only operates via internet.

Disruption era certainly has an impact on all fields, including nursing field. In facing this challenge, UNAIR Nursing Master batch 11 held National Nursing Seminar entitled “Improving Nurses’ Competence in Facing Disruption Era” on Saturday, 17 November in Kahuripan Hall, 3rd Floor, UNAIR Management Building.

The seminar also invited several expert speakers such as Vice Rector I UNAIR, Prof. dr. Djoko Santoso, Ph.D., K-GH., FINASIM ,. On this occasion, he explained about nursing role in disruption era.

According to the Prod. Djoko, disruption in health services can change in the terms of ownership. If there is no innovation and competence in a profession, it will be taken over by another profession. Back then, nurse was only for physical treatment, now emotional relationship is needed.

“We must be good when it comes to adjusting in disruption era. This disruption wave required people who are good in reading the situation. Everyone should have experience and capable in making adjustments in disruption era,” he said.

Prof. Djoko also added that in disruption era, nurses must have excellent morality, spirituality, emotional and cognitive state and also up-to-date. Health services must be given in dignity.

“Don’t get drown in information technological development,” he said.

Beside Prof. Djoko, the seminar also presented eight expert speakers in same scope of discussion, Prof. Dr. H Nursalam, M. Nurs., (Hons) as Dean of Faculty of Nursing (FKp); East Java Provincial Health Service; Dr. Kusnanto, S. Kp., M. Kes as Vice Dean I FKp; Ns. Rosa Dwi Sahati (Director of Surabaya RKZ Nursing); Hidayat Arifin, S. Kep., Ns; Khadijah, S.Kep., Ns; Herryanoor, S.Kep., Ns; and Toto Indarto, S.Kep., Ns. (*)


Author: Tunjung Senja Widuri

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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