Sukma Ningrum Crowned as Edelweiss Ambassador 2018

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Sukma Ningrum UNAIR
SUKMA Ningrum appeared in Edelweiss Ambassador semifinals. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Through her interest in edelweiss flower, Sukma Ningrum, environmental engineering student, was chosen to be Ambassador of Edelweiss 2018. Her role as Ambassador of Edelweiss 2018 were to promote and give social media branding about edelweiss flower, especially preservation outside conservation area on Edelweiss Village sheltered by Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS) Center.

The election held on Heroes’ Day, 10 November was a series of “Land of Edelweiss Festival” event. There was also Edelweiss Village inauguration by Regent of Pasuruan H. M. Irsyad Yusuf, S.E, M.M.A., and Regent of Probolinggo Hj. Puput Tantriana Sari, S.E.

Before being elected as an ambassador, there were selection processes that had to be passed by Sukma. Starting from the administrative selection, interview, and physical tests to final stage, which is carried out publicly. Before the interview, Sukma did not get her parents blessing to join this competition in Malang.

“By giving them explanation and determination to join this competition, finally, my parents gave their blessing” she said.

Moreover, all the selection process was on the same time with with her college schedule. She had to take 2 days leave and missed one quiz and post test, Sukma was very grateful that she could still follow that quiz later.

In selection process, Sukma had to make a video in Bromo with her four creative teams at midnight when the weather there was really cold.

SUKMA Ningrum ketika tampil di semifinal Duta Edelweiss. (Foto: Istimewa)
SUKMA Ningrum performance in Edelweiss Ambassador semifinals. (Photo: Courtesy)

“With such conditions, we went arround TNBTS, including Edelweiss Village and on that night we had to go home because we have class in tomorrow morning,” Sukma said.

After announcement of finalists, Sukma realized that she was the youngest finalist. Moreover, the other finalists were very talented and good in public speaking. Even so, Sukma convinced herself to be the best and use her knowledge from Department of Environmental Engineering well, Faculty of Science and Technology (FST).

“As an environmental engineering student, I am confident because my knowledge that I got in class is related with this competition selection,” said Sukma proudly.

This was proven during the initial interview and question and answer session in final stage. Sukma said that the judges told that her work program was the most logical and tangible. During the question and answer session, Sukma’s answers were supported by accurate data and laws regarding the protection of edelweiss flowers.

In the end, Sukma said that  we have to seek experience and optimize opportunities so there will be no regrets in future. (*)


Author: Hilmi Putra Pradana

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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