Tips for Passing Scholarship Selection Interview

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UNAIR NEWS – In every scholarship selection, both in national and international, there is almost certainly an interview or interview stage. Muchammad Sholakhuddin Al Fajri, SS, MA, on Heroes’ Day, November 10, 2018, had opportunity to share knowledge in Scholarship Seminar Batch 2 on how to pass scholarship interview smoothly in Room 312, Faculty of Science and Technology (FST), Universitas Airlangga.

The alumni of LPDP scholarship in University Of Lancester who is currently working at Career and Entrepreneurship Development Center was eager to provide tips and tricks from his experience on getting a scholarship.

Preparing Question and Answer List

Fajri explained that before interview we have to find questions that are often asked. For example, a question that tells you as a person. This type of question almost certainly comes out in every interview.

“Tell me about you, seems like this kind of question cannot be removed in interview. This type of question should not be answered with personal data, but it would better if you tell them about your experience. It can be social or organization experience  and what lesson you have learned before,” explained Fajri.

Some other questions, like your university choices will be addressed as main topic than others. What kind of contribution that will be given after you finish your study, problem solving are most likely to be asked during interview. Moreover with these question and answer list preparation, it will certainly help you.

Don’t lie

“Don’t lie, because mostly interviewer are psychologist. If you are not good in lying, they will notice,” said Fajri.

Fajri gave advice that if there were questions that you haven’t prepared before, you don’t need to pretend and lie. It’s a risky move, just answer according to your Curriculum Vitae.

Be respectful in front of Interviewer

Respectful gesture can be seen from body languange on how you answer question in interview. “Body languange is important. For example, you have to focus with interviewer eye contact. You also have to consider the way you face your interviewer,” said Fajri.

When asked by interviewer, Fajri suggested not to turn your face away, but also move your body position and eyes. This shows respect to interviewer. When you answer question, it should be diplomatic. It also applied on any recommendation questions.

“Make sure everything is right and then you can show it to them properly. Explain your argument with your effort on how you answer that question,” said Fajri.

Be yourself and be confident, that is the most important things to do. Trying and failing are the best teachers. So, good luck!


Author: Hilmi Putra Pradana

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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