Ignasius Jonan: Industrial Revolution 4.0 Must be Faced

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Jonan at UNAIR
Ignasius Jonan, Indonesian Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources who is also an UNAIR alumnus delivers speech at National Seminar Campus and Industrial Revolution 4.0. (Photo: Agus Irwanto)

UNAIR NEWS – Industrial Revolution 4.0 is an interesting issue in recent years and it also has become a demand in this era. Moreover, Industrial Revolution is also a challenge for all parties, including for those who are working in education field.

Optimizing the preparation, Universitas Airlangga held National Seminar Campus and Industrial Revolution 4.0 on Tuesday, 13 November. Being held at Garuda Mukti, the event which was still in 64th UNAIR Anniversary event series was attended by ESDM Minister Ignasius Jonan.

In his speech,  Jonan who is an UNAIR alumnus, said that Industrial Revolution 4.0 was an era of advancing times which further facilitates human performance and minimizes losses.

“No one can avoid Industrial Revolution 4.0 because ithelped human from time to time,” he explained.

Regarding various preparation that needs to be done. Jonan said that in academic field, scientists are working on things that cannot be replaced with machines. If the 18th century industrial revolution made machines as powerful as humans, he added, in the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0, human creation could be more powerful than humans themselves.

“Even in corporation level, the Industrial Revolution 4.0 has been started and it is getting faster,” he said.

The dynamics of global companies showed that there is an intense competition and rapid changes. Jonan explained that Industrial Revolution 4.0 has brought a lot of extraordinary changes.

“Every individual must be ready to follow the era of continous change and remember the 4.0 Industrial Revolution has arrived and and we must face it,” he concluded.


Author: Nuri Hermawan

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