PUSPAS Supports UNAIR Library Facility Improvement

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PUSPAS chair donation
Some students were enjoying library facilities from PUSPAS UNAIR. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – “In digital era you need network, because now we cannot live without it.” That is the expression from Prof. Dr. I Made Narsa SE., M.Si., Ak., CA., as Head of Library, Universitas Airlangga as the person who’s entitled in accepting library chair handover by Dr. Wisudanto, SE., MM., Secretary of the Center for Management of Social Funds (PUSPAS) in the Campus B Library, on Friday, Nov 11.”We are so grateful with the facility support from the Center for Social Fund Management (PUSPAS) Universitas Airlangga, it will support students in doing college assignments,” said Prof. Narsa.

This year is the first time PUSPAS UNAIR has provided assistance for the chairs to add library facilities. A total of 20 chairs are given by PUSPAS according to requests submitted by the Campus B.

With a simple process, he explained to PUSPAS UNAIR that the library needs these chairs and also for adjusting to millennial era that we face today. Without taking a long time, the chairs were accepted.

In management, there was mechanism of grants (ed) and it will be registered as an asset, for direct maintenance submitted to the library staff.

“The facilities are very important, with the aim of increasing student education. Students will learn about discussion, ethics, manners, seeking information and recreation,” he said.

Meanwhile, Putri Desi Wulan Sari, S.Pi., M.Si., as Head of Distribution Division UNAIR PUSPAS, said that the assistance of 20 seats was a real commitment from PUSPAS in supporting academic activities through providing facilities and supporting the creation of a conducive academic atmosphere in UNAIR.

“Of course, students must maintain all of facilities and use them wisely” she said.

Author: Rolista Dwi Oktavia

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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