UNAIR 64th Anniversary, Share with Feast and Awards

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feast 64 unair
Head of UNAIR Board of Trustees Hatta Ali witnessed by UNAIR Rector Prof. Nasih cutting the turmeric rice. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – November 10 is a historic day for the city of Surabaya and Universitas Airlangga. On that date, there was a very important event for both of them. Arek-arek Suroboyo rebellion took place on November 10, 1945 and the birth of Universitas Airlangga nine years later, precisely on November 10, 1954.

To commemorate a historic day for UNAIR which is located in the center of Surabaya, all UNAIR academics welcomed it with various activities. Starting from competitions, seminars, until at the peak of the commemoration of 64th Anniversary of UNAIR, a flag ceremony, university assembly and feast were held.

Located at UNAIR Campus C Management Office, the entire community crowded the building which was the center of all affairs in UNAIR. In the morning, after the ceremony, all the community members who were present went straight to the Garuda Mukti Hall to attend the university assembly. After the university session, the entire community went straight to the lobby of ​​ Campus C UNAIR Management Office Building to take part in a series of fun activities.

During the feast, UNAIR Rector Prof. Nasih also gave awards to various parties who contributed the development and advancement of UNAIR up to now. Before giving an award, Prof. Nasih first slice the turmeric rice to be handed over to representatives of UNAIR partners and previous rectors who were also present at the event.

“Thank you for all the cooperation so far,” said Prof. Nasih.

The turmeric rice slicing marked the distribution of 64 rice packages to all guests who attend. All guests and attendees enjoyed the session. After hospitality session, Prof. Nasih gave various awards to units, community members and outstanding work partners.

Some of the awards given during the feast and presented directly by UNAIR Rector were Excellent Lecturer Blogger, Most Informative Media Partner, Excellent Faculty Website, Excellent Working Unit Website, Excellent Program Website, Excellent Lecturers and Excellent Staff. (*)

Author: Nuri Hermawan

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