Mada’s Story Representing Accounting UNAIR Banyuwangi at FCAE

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Sulistyo Primadani
SULISTYO Primadani signs the pledge establishing the day as Indonesian Young Accountant Day. (Photo: Pravate collection)

UNAIR NEWS – The Future Chartered Accountants Event (FCAE) is a national scale event aimed to unify prospective future leaders in Accounting and building a larger Accounting community in Indonesia. PSDKU Accounting Program of Universitas Airlangga in Banyuwangi  did not waste an opportunity to attend and develop their study programs.

Sulistyo Primadani or Mada explained when UNAIR NEWS team visited him on Wednesday, 7 November that PSDKU Accounting program was invited by the ICAEW Student Community which is an association under Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Walesa global accounting profession organization based in the UK and has 150,000 members spread in more than 154 countries.

“We were invited to Jakarta to attend FCAE, in order to take student’s pledge of Accounting and official establishment of Indonesia’s Young Accountant Day,” said Head of Accounting Student Association PSDKU.

The accounting PSDKU program can get an invitation to attend the FCAE because in these past two years it has worked succefully with ICAEW.Especially for holding Mock Exam on PSDKU campus.

It was an opportunity to develop Accounting program PSDKU Banyuwangi, Mada as Kahima Accounting did not want to waste this opportunity, so he went from Banyuwangi to Jakarta.

“Before that I consulted to KPS and lecturer, and they supported me to go,” he added.

Not only for attending this invitation, Mada with Banyuwangi Accounting Program PSDKU brought a specific mission, strengthening friendship and branding of Banyuwangi Accounting Program PSDKU UNAIR.

“My goal for attending this event in Jakarta was to strengthen relation with Accounting community in there. Because, I am there representing the Banyuwangi PSDKU Accounting Program,” he said.

“Moreover, while in Jakarta, I always tried to introduce PSDKU campus, especially Accounting program.. Accounting PSDKU Banyuwangi has the same competence as of main campus and there were also few student association activities just like other big campus” added Mada.

In addition to getting opportunity to do campus branding and strengthen relations, the Accounting studentsuse the opportunity well becausestudents who are able to qualify for the ICAEW Mock Exam can have the opportunity to get a free CFAB scholarship and Chartered Accountant test.

“I am very sure, that Banyuwangi PSDKU Accounting program is able to compete with other campuses. Because, the majority of PSDKU accounting students are members of USS (University Student Scheme) with a lot of advantages, such as ICAEW library, student community, exam resources, etc. I hope they are able to maximize it,” said Mada. (*)

Author: Bastian Ragas

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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