Dutch Embassy Establishes Health Collaboration with UNAIR Hospital

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Dutch Embassy RS UNAIR
There were 21 Dutch delegates in the Dharmawangsa Hall RSUA (Universitas Airlangga Hospital), 8th Floor, on Wednesday, November 7. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – The development of diseases in Indonesia, especially in infectious diseases (HIV / AIDS and TB) continues to increase. Of course it can bring serious impact if it is not addressed immediately. Because it is very possible to bring risk of widespread transmission of the disease.

In response, the Universitas Airlangga Hospital collaborated with the Dutch Embassy ( Delegation the Kingdom of the Netherlands ). The collaboration focuses on tuberculosis, HIV / AIDS, developing heart health, microsurgery, cancer, and beauty.

A total of 21 Dutch delegates attended Dharmawangsa Hall RSUA (Universitas Airlangga Hospital), 8th Floor, on Wednesday, November 7. The Dutch delegation consisted of Amsterdam UMC, Delft Imaging System, Elsevier, Erasmus University Medical Center, FMO, and University Medical Center Groningen.

The activity was opened with a speech from Prof. Dr., Nasronudin, Sp.PD-KPTI as Director of RSUA. To the Dutch Embassy, ​​Prof. Nasronudin expressed his gratitude for their presence. A number of targets, including the profile of hospitals, from 2016 to 2020 were elaborated by Prof. Nasronudin. Including problems about infectious diseases (global problems and national problems).

“RSUA has an active role in tackling the problem of tropical diseases, including infections by establishing the Institute for Tropical Disease,” he said.

RSUA qualifies as a competent hospital because it has a strategic location, in the city center. Furthermore, his health personnel have excellent competence. Another reason, he added, was that RSUA in 2019 planned for national and international re-accreditation.

“RSUA is preparing for Global Medical Tourism in the hope that domestic and foreign tourists can get medical services to RSUA. RSUA also continues to make internal improvements, so that quality and safety are getting better, “he said.

In the next session, presentations and discussions were held. The first presentation was carried out by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Amin, dr., Sp. P (K)) as Vice Director of Education and Research at UNAIR Teaching Hospital entitled “Universitas Airlangga TB Initiative Research”. The second presentation was explained by the Vice Director of Medical Services and Nursing at Airlangga Teaching Hospital, dr. Hamzah, Sp. AnKIC) about services in RSUA.

In the end, there was a group photo session and an exchange of token of appreciation. There was also Hospital tour was held with delegates ICU ICCU NICU on the 6th floor, Maternal-Neonatal 5th Floor, Emergency Department on the 1st Floor, and RSPTI -Out patient clinic TB-HIV / AIDS.

In the future RSUA will be invited by the Dutch for further discussion. After officially cooperating, several representatives of RSUA staff will be trained in diseases related to the Netherlands. (*)


Author: Tunjung Widuri Senja

Editor: Feri Fenoria


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