East Java GenBI Holds Sharing and Leadership Camp with Emil Dardak

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GenBI leadership
2018 GenBI Leadership Camp participants with Emil Dardak and Head of BI KPw East Java, Difi Ahmad Johansyah, along with their staff took a group photo at Jambuluwuk Hotel & Resort, Batu. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Established since November 11, 2011, the community of Bank Indonesia scholarship recipients or known as GenBI, always strives to provide real contribution in social activities, entrepreneurship, education and also to strengthen the relationship of its members.

Being held at Hotel & Resort Jambuluwuk, Batu last weekend, 2018 East Java GenBI Leadership Camp and Gathering event was held as a forum to generate leadership mentality and also discussion medium between GenBI members.

About 170 GenBI delegates from 11 universities across Indonesia participated in this activity. There was East Java Vice Governor, Elestianto Dardak as the guest speaker. There was also Emil Faizza,JTV broadcaster, as well as 8 UMKM business partners from BI as guest speakers. Last but not least, Head of Bank Indonesia KPw East Java, Difi Ahmad Johansyah.

The event opened with a warm welcome from Difi Ahmad Johansyah then continued by the elected Vice Governor of East Java, Emil Dardak. In his presentation, Emil motivated the participants to always do something with heart and knowledge. He emphasized that everyone must be able to become a 360-degree leader.

“They are expected to be able to bring the soul of leadership to their ups, sides and below them,” he explained.

The program then continued with public speaking material by Emil Faizza. According to her, public speaking is a combination of smart, positive, and good looking that must be balanced for everyone. The session was closed by sharing sessions from UMKM entrepreneurs assisted by Bank Indonesia.

“The whole series of East Java Leadership Camp and GenBI Gathering events were efforts to mold GenBI members as future leaders ready to contribute for the nation, and a place for sharing among GenBI East Java and other members across Indonesia,” said Muhammad Vinka Lutfian, UNAIR student majoring in Economics Development as head of executive of Leadership Camp.

“On this occasion GenBI also held a regional meeting to discuss GenBI activities and emphasized on media exposure in various activities in the future,” he concluded.

Author: Wiwik Yuni Eryanti Ningrum

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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